Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Picture Tutorial - How to Make Gizzard and Mushroom Sauce

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At the beginning of starting my food blogs, I didn't think I could take pictures while cooking. I'm usually very fast and functional whenever I'm in the kitchen, but I was on my phone the other night while making dinner and thought, hey, I can do this picture tutorial thing, you know? It was a bit touch and go, but I think I got the most important steps :)

Let me know what you think, picture tutorial or step-by-step description recipes?

Nkemdilim Uwaje - Women's History Month Motivational Story #5

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Nkem Uwaje is a Director of Future Software Resources Nigeria Ltd.. She attained a BSc. Hons in Bioinformatics at the Ludwig Maximilian University (LMU), as well as the Technical University of Munich (TUM) Germany. She has worked on various research projects at the Max Planck Institute for Psychiatric Research in the department for Statistical Genetics and Proteomics, as well as for the Pharmaceutical Company Affectis Pharmaceuticals AG, Germany. These research projects encompass the development of software solutions for complex biological as well as chemical calculations and simulations, database design and administration as well as statistical analysis.

After re-locating to Nigeria in 2005, Nkem Uwaje was involved in various research projects, such as the Wazobia Linux initiative, the E-Government Interoperability Framework, NITDA Open Standards Framework, as well as the deployment of e-commerce and e-portal solutions in the Nigerian public and private sector.

Mercy Johnson and Getting Back Your Pre-Pregnancy Body

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This new picture of Mercy Johnson got me thinking of how a lot of women struggle to lose what is called "baby weight" after pregnancy. It's been about two full months since Mercy had her baby, and I think she's on the right track. She's looking all hot and rocking and flaunting her curves. Compared with her pre-pregnancy pictures, almost everything seems back to what they used to be.

I didn't get pregnant after the IVF treatments last year, but I added about 10 pounds from all the drugs and pills I had to take, and not being able to exercise regularly. Now I'm working to get it off. I may need some tips from Mercy Johnson :)

For those who have had their babies, how long did it take you to bounce back, or did you decided to keep it on and rock your new yummy mommy body?

I am Looking For Bloggers For Lifestyle Blogging

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I need about 5 writers for this blog and a new lifestyle website I'm building. This is an opportunity for people who are serious about writing and blogging long term to get into a prime internet property at the ground level. Have you been blogging without any monetary returns and would like to get rewarded? Do you keep yourself updated with current events in various segments of society? Would you like to write about your personal activities and life on a daily basis, and earn something for your efforts? If you have been thinking of blogging in a big way, but wasn't sure about going it alone, then you may have found a team.

Here are the requirements:

A minimum of 2 and no more than 10 posts daily Mon - Fri are required.
A passion for the category you select is a BIG plus
SEO and keyword knowledge is desired but not required.
Blog posts must be at least 300 words long. This can be less for posts with larger/more pictures.
Submit your posts anytime you want, I will schedule.
Above average writing is required as minimal editing will be done.
All posts must be unique content.
Non-anonymous bloggers willing to write from a personal place are desired, but not compulsory
Those who are familiar with posting on a Blogger will be considered before others but I am open to teaching writers how to post on Blogger.

If you’re interested please send an email to myne@mynewhitman.com with the following:
Subject: Savvy Nigerian - Category Name
A brief paragraph of why you’re interested in this opportunity
A 300 – 500 word article/blog post sample OR
A link to your current blog, if you have one.

Dear Myne - His Hot and Cold Attitude Confuses Me

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I love your posts Myne. There's this guy, i met him sometime ago but my problem is, he isn't consistent. We have gone out once and after that, the chats and calls stopped for a long time. Whenever i go to his work place cos he works in a bank near my office, i ignore him and get down to business with the tellers but immediately i leave, he calls me and gets all sober on the phone as though i'm not interested in him. I feel he's the ladies man as every lady who walks into his banking hall wants his number and i also feel he doesn't know what he wants either cos whenever he remembers to contact me, he tells me that i feel i'm too good for him.

One day, i decided to call him, my thoughts were; i had not been fair enough to him and i really need to drop my uptight attitude. When we spoke, he said i'm aggressive and i fight against my emotions. He said i'm head over heels in-love with him or perhaps in a deep crush but maybe too shy to express my feelings....( of course i'm not, i just think he's a very presentable guy who could be what i want in a husband in the near future)

Whenever i go to the bank where he works, i'm usually in the company of a friend and he complained that i tell her everything about him. He also made mention of the fact that i'm so close to some Nigerian celebrities due to the nature of my work thus, i have no time for a 'broke guy' like himself.