Sunday, February 24, 2013

Watch Episode 1 and 2 of Gidi Up Web Series

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Gidi Up is a new web series from NdaniTV. The story is centered around the lives of four friends in pursuit of happiness, success and independence in Lagos (Las Gidi). However, a few wrong choices quickly turn their Lagos dreams into a Gidi nightmare. Through the 8-part series, Tokunbo (Deyemi Okanlawon), Eki (Oreka Godis), Yvonne ( Somkele Iyamah) and Obi (Karibi Fubura) will deal with love, sex and making a living in one of Africa's biggest cities.

Watch Episode 1 and 2 below...

Couple Love on the Oscars Red Carpet

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Daniel Day Lewis and Rebecca Miller;

As usual, some Hollywood couples made a date night of the Oscar Awards and turned out in their best for the red carpet. Some couples are becoming favorites of these my couple love series, like Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban, as well as George Clooney and Stacy Kieblar :)

Loads more couple love pictures below...

Oscar Ready Jennifer Lawrence and Quvenzhane Wallis

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In the run-up to the #Oscars, the two youngest women nominees for Best Actress, Jennifer Lawrence (22) and Quvenzhane Wallis (9), have been picking up various other wins on the awards circuit. With nods, plaques and statues from the Critics Choice Awards, Screen Actors Guild, NAACP, Golden Globes, Independent Spirit Awards, among others, they've become shining stars.

I saw Silver Linings Playbook, loved it, and thought Jennifer Lawrence did an amazing job. She was also great in Hunger Games. I did not see Beasts of the Southern Wild, I've heard great stuff about it, and about Quvenzhane's role which was a major part of the movie.

As they prepare to know who gets the Oscar statue for Best Actress this afternoon, I wish them both good luck. Enjoy some of their lovely red-carpet photos below.

50Cent Tries To Kiss Erin Andrews at Daytona500

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#thatawkwardmoment when @50cent attempted to kiss @ErinAndrews as she went to interview him during the pre-race event at the on-going Daytona500. Erin Andrews must not be such a big fan of the rapper and actor because gave him the cheek. He took like a gentleman though Twitter went wild, shifting focus from Danica Patrick and the other NASCAR drivers to +50cent and +Erin Andrews.

 GIFs and videos have already been made to memorialize the event :)

Homeless Man Returns Diamond Engagement Ring

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Sarah Darling from Kansas City, Missouri, recently lost and found her, not inexpensive, diamond engagement ring. She removed it for a while, and dropped it off by mistake into a homeless man's collection pot. Fearing it was gone forever when she realized her mistake, she was amazed when the panhandler returned it a couple of days later. According to CNN,

She almost never takes it off, but it was giving her a bit of a rash so she did, zipping it in her coin purse for safe keeping. Later, she absentmindedly emptied the contents of that purse into the collection cup of Billy Ray Harris, who is homeless and often stays under a bridge in Darling's hometown.

It wasn't until the next day that she realized her ring was gone.

"It was horrible. It was such a feeling of loss," Darling said. "It meant so much to me beyond just the financial value."

She went back to look for Harris, but he was gone.

Our Cirque Du Soliel Experience - AmaLuna [Pictures]

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AMALUNA is Cirque du Soleil's latest creation and currently touring the Seattle area. We found out just before valentine and would have loved to make an anniversary event of it. However, that day's tickets were sold out. We saw it a couple of days ago, and even then, it was still sold out. Totally worth every penny of the ticket price, I loved it.

Cirque du soleil presents contemporary circus experiences, with the traditional jugglers, aerial performers, acrobats, dancers and clowns fused with modern music and a story. AmaLuna is a magical romance, inspired by Shakespeare's The Tempest, and takes place on an island where women (Ama) rule along the cycles of the moon (Luna).

"The daughter of Queen Prospera is undergoing the rituals of her coming-of-age ceremony when a group of young men is caught up in a storm and stranded on the island. Prospera's daughter falls in love with one of the brave sailors, but the two lovers must overcome many trials and setbacks before finding peace together."

Savory Fried Potato with Chili and Sausage

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I have a confession to make about these food blogs, and maybe you can guess. I didn't realize till Atala read some of it and demanded an apology. The truth is that we make most of the dishes together, and sometimes, like in this case, he makes a major part of the meal.

For this dish, we already had the chili [see recipe] but because he wanted some carbs, he fried the diced potatoes. BTW, the potatoes came pre-cut and frozen. Still he fried  them to perfection, and with the sausages and chili, they were very yummy :)

Good for any meal of the day, breakfast, lunch or dinner. Enjoy!

Vincent Enyema - February Man Candy #24

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Vincent Enyema is one of the finest and dedicated goalkeepers the Nigerian national football team has ever had, and he has been soaring for several years now. I became a fan of his when I was still following the local league and he played for Enyimba. His club won some good titles back then, and it's thanks to some of his fine work that Nigeria recently won the AFC.