Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Twins Double Wedding - Set of Male Twins Married to Set of Female Twins on the Same Day

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This is a higher level of grace of a double wedding, twins marrying twins. Here, the Okunnuyi female twins are getting married to the Okonweze male twins, and it looks like they are identical too. One set of male twins getting married to a set of female twins on the same day doesn't happen often as you can imagine, and since I love the idea of twins, I find it amazing.

I'll definitely love to read their love story, who met first, and how the relationships progressed. Congrats to them!


  1. It's beautiful to look at but it makes me wonder because some people say its taboo to, for instance, marry your sister's husband's brother. Basically two brothers marrying two sisters.... I know in certain parts of Nigeria it's frowned upon. None the less I wish them all every happiness in their homes. Dear Myne, let me report myself before I do it, I'm stealing this picture and doing a post on it on my blog. Thanks. Lol.

  2. why should it be frowned upon? There is no blood relation in any way. under normal circustances the groom would be related to bride siblings but not his brother or sisters. however, in this situation, the groom is still related to the bride siblings as well as his brother because his brother married his wife sister. still no blood relation there.


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