Thursday, December 12, 2013

The TDH Effect - No Woman Can Resist a Tall Dark and Handsome Man?

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What are we calling the TDH Effect? It is that effect that Tall, Dark and Handsome men have on most women. Any woman they touch or smile at turns to mush, just look at Oprah's megawatt smile with Idris Elba! She shared this picture on FB with the caption, "Idris, can you tell how happy I was to meet you?" She looks star struck, lol... Have any TDH man ever had that effect on you? How do you resist? LOL...


  1. When you realise they are not all that, not very smart, with carrots for a third leg, you will quickly run away. I'm never fooled.

  2. This post is different. I can feel Myne's cheesy smile all over this post. In fact, I think she has fallen for the TDH effect so many times...and continues to fall for it every day! *cough Atala cough* Lol my drug is not TDH o. It's TAH or simply called: Tall, Asian, and Handsome. *runs away* Lol :D


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