Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Seen the Pictures of Barack and Michelle Obama Vs the Mystery Lady at Mandela's Memorial?

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Did some of the pictures of make you wonder what they were thinking and doing? This is my own take of how it all went down. After Cameron leaves Obama to the mystery lady (she's really the prime minister of Denmark), that's when the real story started. Let's laugh it out...and add your own captions and tags too :)


  1. hahaha... this is funny. *sharing*

  2. LOL...Myne so you can be funny like this?

  3. You cracked me up! I sincerely hope that wasn't what went down. Though i'd feel slighted if my hubby was busy taking group selfies beside me without including me.

    1. why feel slighted? Are you Siamese twins? does he include you when he shits and dreams too.

  4. Myne you left out the picture where Obama kissed Michelle's hand "in an effort to appease her lol" Mystery lady is Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt. I personally don't see why people where making a huge deal of the fact that they took a selfie at a funeral people do it all the time only difference is these ones are world leaders, famous and were caught on camera doing it they probably did it during on of those musical performances I doubt if they would be doing it while one of their own was giving a speech

  5. Hahahaha but they only changed seats after he came back from making his speech now lol If it was our African leaders by now they would have a released a statement on the matter lol

  6. lolololol @ african leaders releasing statements lolololol


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