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Novel Excerpt - When Love Takes Over By Alloy Francis

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Mrs. Cole was beautifully dressed ready to attend the 10th anniversary of her friend, Mrs. Cynthia Rowland. She wore the latest Ankara design from Mrs. Rowland’s fashion industry. She walked out of her bedroom, and climbed down the stairs to the sitting room. She saw her daughter watching a movie.

Dianna was engrossed, watching a movie titled “Fast and Furious.” She lay on the double sofa in shorts and a singlet. It was the type of movie she wouldn’t normally want anyone to distract her from, but her mother was not just anyone.
Mrs. Cole smiled. ‘‘Dianna.’’
‘‘Yes, mum,’’ Dianna stood and turned to her mother.
‘‘How do I look?’’ her mother asked, turning around.
 Dianna smiled. ‘‘Mum, you look absolutely beautiful.’’
Mrs. Cole was smiling. She looked cheerful. ‘‘Thank you,’’ she responded. ‘‘I have to go,’’ she said, opening her shining silver purse.
She brought out some banknotes and gave them to Dianna.
 ‘‘Have this, and I’ll see you tomorrow,’’ her mother said.
‘‘OK, mum,’’ Dianna said, collecting the money.
Her mother pecked her.
‘‘Take care of the house,’’ Mrs. Cole said, walking to the door.
‘‘OK. Bye, mum.’’
‘‘Bye…’’ her mother replied. She stepped out.
Chris stood beside the new Land Rover LR3 waiting for Mrs. Cole. He looked handsome in his new grey suit bought with part of his last month's salary. The moment he saw her approaching, he opened the door and she entered the Jeep. He walked to the driver’s side, opened the door, and jumped in. He started the engine, turned on the AC, and drove away.
Dianna was looking through the door to know just when her mother would leave in order to call Francis. As she saw the Jeep drive out of the gate, she immediately dialed Francis' phone number.
Francis picked up the receiver after one ring.
She told him to hurry up and that her mother had just left.
He replied that he was already on his way before her call came in.
Dianna hung up, and was impatiently waiting. She lay now on the couch staring at the TV. She was not longer following the movie. Her thoughts were on the pleasure she would derive from the warm body of her love. She had waited too long for it. She could feel her body vibrating her in an erogenous way. She was already in the mood.
Ten minutes later, Francis got to Dianna’s house. Musa was surprised to see him, but it was none of his business. Francis walked straight to the pool and pretended to have come to clean the pool. He walked around the pool, folding his hands over his chest. He sent Dianna a short message: I’m at the pool.
Dianna looked through the back door, and saw him. She let out a warm smile. Then, she walked out to meet him. She hadn’t known that he was already close to her house before she called.
‘‘Hi,’’ Dianna smiled and pecked him.
‘‘Hi, yourself,’’ Francis smiled back.
‘‘You look handsome,’’ she said, staring into his eyes. Her voice was soft.
Francis felt a bit shy. ‘‘Thanks,’’ he said. ‘‘You look like an angel.’’
Dianna was smiling quietly. ‘‘Thank you,’’ she said. She took his hands. ‘‘You’re the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. I have no world when you're gone. Each time I see your bright brown eyes, I lose control of my senses. I love you.’’
Francis could not speak properly. ‘‘I love you too.’’ Emotions surrounded their vision.
She kissed his lips.
‘‘My love for you is like a mighty wave of the ocean that can never cease to move. Your place in my heart is irreplaceable. You’re the shining star that lights up my life. Take me in, sweet Angel.’’
Dianna fought a surge of emotions. She put on a sensuous smile. ‘‘You own my breath, my body vibrates for your tender touch,’’ she said, touching his face. ‘‘My lips are wet longing for…’’
‘‘Shh…’’ he interrupted her with a finger on her lips. ‘‘Take me inside, and let me show you the other side of love.’’
Holding each others' waists, they walked inside. Gently, they climbed the stairway to Dianna’s bedroom.
Dianna’s eyes were filled with passion. She couldn't wait one second longer to be taken to the land of romance. She had developed nymphomania for him. She could see the love in his eyes roaming over her, caressing her with their gaze. They stood at the centre of the room close to the bed. Francis held her to his body as they stared lasciviously into each others' eyes.
‘‘All this while, I’ve been waiting to taste that thing that makes you a man, to have a deep feel of your sexy lips,’’ Dianna said, as she planted one kiss.
Francis looked dumbfounded. ‘‘Yours tastes like cream berry,’’ he said in an erotic tone.
‘‘My body, my lips, my hips, and my paradise are all yours. Honey, take me to the land of romance,’’ Dianna said, covering his lips with a deep kiss.
Francis felt shivers through his muscles. He gently pressed her head back so as to connect perfectly with her tongue. Their lips interlocked.
She kissed him with such a yearning it seemed as if her whole life depended on it.
His right hand slid under her singlet, and began to rub her belly, stroking her navel. He moved his hand, and found her bra. He fondled her through the thin material. It sent strong shivers down her spine.
Dianna was lost in her senses. All she wanted now was sexual satisfaction from him. She loved every moment leading up to their mating.
Francis’ hand moved downward again and fondled her abdomen. The kissing deepened. She felt undone, and her legs were growing wet. He gently laid her on the bed, and followed slowly.


Chris was driving at a moderate speed down the road, driving cautiously. He loved driving the Jeep. It made him feel relaxed, and more comfortable than the other vehicles. He was a tall guy, and the jeep was high. This naturally made him more at ease.
Mrs. Cole sat in the back seat, looking through the window. She felt her neck was naked and thought about her gold necklace. She reached up to touch it, and realized that her necklace was missing from her neck. She had forgotten to put it on. She was shocked. She felt that her outfit was incomplete without the necklace.
‘‘Chris!’’ she called out.
‘‘Yes madam,’’ he answered.
‘‘Take me back home,’’ she ordered. ‘‘I forgot my necklace.’’
Chris obeyed. He had no reason to complain about that, because it gave him more time to drive the jeep. He followed the instruction given to him. He drove to a U-turn area and turned to go back home. He accelerated to a higher speed because Mrs. Cole told him to hurry. She wanted to avoid being late to the anniversary.
He drove to the gate and stopped. Mrs. Cole stepped out of the Jeep, walked to the small gate, and knocked on the window of the gatehouse. Musa was lying on the bench, and he heard the light knock. He stood up and looked through the small opening at the gate. He saw Mrs. Cole, and trembled. A rush of panic flowed through him. Quickly, he opened the gate.
‘‘Welcome, madam,’’ Musa bowed.
Mrs. Cole did not reply. She walked pass him in a hurry straight to the sitting room door. She opened the door and stepped in. Her gaze first found the money she gave to Dianna laying on the double sofa. The TV was on, still showing the movie; but there was no one in the sitting room. She looked surprised, as she had been thinking Dianna would still be in the room. She picked up the money, and climbed the stairs to her bedroom. She walked along the hallway with no thought other than the one about her necklace.
The moment she entered into her room, she saw the gold necklace resting on the bed. She smiled. She loved jewelry, and invested a good bit of money in new ones whenever possible. She picked up the necklace, and put it on.


Francis was on top of Dianna, kissing her deeply. Her hands rubbed his back. Their feet rubbed together. He had pulled off his shirt, shoes, and pants. All that was left on him was his purple boxers and white singlet.
Dianna was filled with lust, and she was enjoying the romance. Her body trembled as if she were being electrocuted. She helped him to pull of his singlet, exposing his body to her. She trembled seeing his lean body. She moved her hands tenderly over his body, and felt drowned by ecstasy.
He slowly pulled off her shorts and singlet, and only left her wearing her white panties and her bra. Her nipples were hard and pressed on the bra. He was stunned at her beauty. His hands covered her breasts. Francis felt possessed, and he fought for control against a rising surge of eroticism. He slid his hand under her panties, and felt the little hairs on her pelvis. Then, he gently thrust two fingers into her. Dianna gasped, and dug her fingers into his back. Slowly, he moved his fingers in and out, in and out, and teased her.
Dianna senses were heightened to a new extreme. She could not help but to let out a loud moan.


Mrs. Cole was walking down the hallway with the intention of going to Dianna’s room to check and see if she was in. She heard someone moaning. She stopped at the door to Dianna’s bedroom, and placed one ear to the door, straining to listen to identify the voice. Her instinct began to tell her that Dianna was with a man, but she refused to agree with her conscience. Crippled with the desire to know, Mrs. Cole pulled the door open, but she was not prepared for what she saw. A violent wave of shock hit her hard. She felt her brain twist with anger and confusion.
‘‘Jesus!’’ Mrs. Cole shouted in horror, dropping the money from her hand.
Dianna and Francis turned rapidly to her. They stared at Mrs. Cole in shock and bewilderment. They could not believe their eyes.
Dianna fought an enormous rush of trepidation. She felt a deepening horror, and humiliation wrinkled her face. Her eyes widened in shock. At once, she averted her gaze, afraid to look at her mother’s face while knowing that she had betrayed her.
For what seemed like eternity, Mrs. Cole stood transfixed in the doorway. She was buried in disappointment. She was speechless, and felt as though her breath had seized. Her heart was pounding. She stared at them with an unbelieving gaze.
 Francis felt a troubling apprehension and knew his world was about to be crushed. His heart was soaked with regret. He wondered – hoped – if the ground would open and swallow him. Fears ebbed out like sweat from his body. His inner body was shivering, and his head pounded.
Is this the beginning of my misery? He thought. Who’ll rescue me now?


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  1. Wow, forbidden passion. I'm a teenager, so i can only imagine! :) The mom would be sooo disappointed

  2. Wow what a great write up. I could feel the tension mounting. It was so realistic, felt like I was watching a movie. Kudos.

  3. Don't know, but the descriptions here dint quite draw images for me, maybe when ive read the whole book. But then, i might be wrong as i tend to have quite a high expectation of romance novels. Is this debut?

    1. Well.i love d rise and fall of the novel.A good job.

  4. Wow! Nice write up. Really felt real. What do you think about vibrating panties


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