Sunday, December 22, 2013

Nigerian Abiola Ogungbenle's Reaction To His First Snowfall Goes Viral

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I remember that one of my expectations when I moved to Edinburgh for my masters was seeing snow, and possibly playing in it. My first experience of snow turned out to be a mountain climbing trip since it didn't really snow that winter.

When it did snow the following year, I took pictures, went outside to have the snow fall on me, and all that. I'm still excited by snow today, but I know I'm just a bush woman, lol... Well, this guy is like me as reported by HuffPost;

In August 2013, Abiola Ogungbenle, 25, moved from Nigeria to Hanover, Pa., to be with his wife, and has been anxiously awaiting his first winter snowfall ever since.

On December 8, Joseph Fryer, Ogungbenle's housemate and owner of photography business, The Digital Lightbox, was on his way outside to take pictures when he saw the Nigerian native completely overwhelmed with joy.

"It was like a child seeing snow for the first time," Fryer told The Huffington Post. "You could see the excitement on his face."

Ogungbenle asked Fryer to take a photograph of him so that he could send it back to his family in Nigeria. Fryer's friend then posted the photo to Reddit and from there it went viral.

If you moved to a temperate country after living all your adult life in tropical Africa, what was your first experience of snow like? Like it or Hate it? If you liked it at first, do you find it an inconvenience now, or still love it?


  1. awwwwwwwww... that's so cute.
    My first snow experience, I was shopping. I look outside and it's snowing. Suddenly, I didn't need to shop so bad anymore. I dropped everything I had picked up and run outside. It was an awesome experience. Thankfully, it wasn't too cold so I spent an hour walking home (when I really would have taken the bus), while trying my best to eat as much snow as I could as it fell (have no idea where I got that idea from). I loved the snow until I got caught in a blizzard once, then I started missing Ghana :(
    I still love snow. The idea of snowflakes falling from the sky is enchanting (just didn't like it when I would slip on ice and more often than not fall).

  2. so lovely.....
    My first experience, I was in the train and just admired it from in there, so beautiful I must say.....
    It was so cold when I alighted from the train that I was running to some warm place......
    I loved it on the tress and all......I will get the feel next time (though trying to avoid traveling during winter for now)


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