Monday, December 30, 2013

Mother-In-Law Who Hates Her Son's Future Wife, Writes The Wedding Invitation

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If I saw this as the bride to be, the marriage is over. What do you say?


  1. Myne, this is fake, yes?
    Lol. Well let's assume it isn't. I will take a walk. No doubt about it. Me I don't have power for wahala in my life to be honest.
    Myne let me report myself, I've reblogged this on my blog. Lol. Sorry... Thanks!

  2. Lol.I don't believe this is real.

  3. Hahha, I think it was real o. The man would have to choose between mother and wife. Talk about Monster in Law.

  4. I wouldn't continue with marriage plans if I were the bride.

  5. I will marry him just to make her life miserable.

  6. Choose ke, I can not compete with any ones mother, same way you cant compete with my parents biko. You and your mama can step to the left and I will cry, clean eye...who has time for high BP. Gone are the days of condoning mother in law rubbish

  7. if she is desperate she ll go on with it and if she is a tramp like the mi says she sure ll go on with it.
    As for me,i would so take a walk. If i had known my mother inlaw very well b4 i married her son i no for marry she comes around every month, worst of all she pretends to be nice in front of him but when he is not watching she becomes nasty talk of seeing trouble and nose diving into it.

  8. For where! I will run for my life, if at all this is real, then that mother will make her son very miserable in life!

  9. lol....this is so freaking must be a joke

    Compliments of the season ma'am

  10. That invitation says more about the mother than it does about the daughter-in-law. If she were aware of that she would have refrained from showing her monster side.

    Happy New Year
    Peace & Happiness.


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