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Introduction to New Nollywood - 15 Nigerian Movies You Should Watch + Bonus 10

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Many people say they don't watch Nollywood, I've always been a fan and have somehow learnt how to stay away from some I feel I won't like (I know I may have missed some good movies that way, but...). With the advent of online reviewers like Nollywood reinvented, and others, it's got better, and then there are directors and producers you just know will be good.

So below is my list - for everyone who watches movies - of Must-Watch recent Nollywood Movies-  (I haven't seen Phone Swap, Dr Bello, Relentless, and Flower Girl which appeared on this and this). If you haven't seen this movies, try. Most of them are either on,,, or even free on Youtube. Just search for them.

So let's get to it. At the very top of the list is...

1. Confusion Na Wa 10/10

2. The Meeting 10/10 - Read Review and Watch

3. Maami 10/10

4. The Figurine 9/10

5. Ije 9/10 - Watch Here

6. Sinking Sands 9/10

7. Awakening 8/10

8. Murder at Prime Suites 8/10 - See Trailer

9. Journey to Self 8/10

10. Ties That Bind 8/10

11. Tango With Me 7/10

12. Mirror Boy 7/10

13. Inale 7/10 - Would've ranked higher without the white narrator.

14. Anchor Baby 7/10

15. Last Flight to Abuja 7/10 - Watch Here

Some movies I watched that were middle of the road (either OK, spoilt by didactic writing, or just meh) - dependent on one's mood, worldview, or expectations - are the following, watch at your own risk.

1. 2 Brides and a Baby 6/10

2. Mr and Mrs - 6/10

3. Married but Living Single - 6/10

4. On Bended Knees - 6/10

5. The Place - 5/10

6. Damage - 5/10 Watch Here

7. Weekend Getaway - 5/10

8. Mrs Somebody - 4/10

9. In the Cupboard - 4/10

10. Broken Silence - 4/10

Some Movies I look forward to watching in the coming year

1. October 1 - See Trailer

2. Half of a Yellow Sun - Stills from Trailer

3. Lions of 76

4. Torn - See Trailer

5. Flower Girl

6. Dr. Bello

7. Dazzling Mirage - See Trailer

8. Phone Swap

9. Relentless


  1. Please!!!!!! Watch phone swap and I promise you won't regret it! A lovely movie. Tango with me, figurine, mr and mrs and mirror boy are also good movies. My regret in all of this remains the weekend getaway and two brides and a baby; poor attempt by cast and crew in my opinion. It could have been better. I look forward to seeing onye ozi, torn, half of a yellow sun and October 1st. These are my views tho... Happy holidays. Thumbs up.

  2. I forgot to mention Dr bello!!! I've got to see that movie :)

    1. Thanks for your comment. You're spot on! I think our movie watching tastes are very close :)

    2. I heard doctor bello was quite bad actually. Haven't seen it though. Thanks a lot for the mention, Myne!!!

  3. Yay thanks for the list, I love "good" nollywood and can't wait to work my way down the list. have you been watching shuga naija as well? awesome series.

    1. Thanks MPB, yes I have. It started out not as exciting as Shuga Kenya, but it's picking up. Liking it so far though missing a shining star that Lupita was for the Kenyan version.

  4. Never been a fan of Nollywood (I'm actually a huge critic of Naija movies, lol), but considering my rediscovery of the beauty of African (Nigerian) art, especially books by Nigerian Authors, I'll reconsider and watch a few. "The Meeting" looks brilliant, just watched the previews and they are fantastic. The cinematography looks excellent!

  5. I've seen most of them and I liked them as well.. I didn't really like 'married but living single' though. Its just refreshing to see movies different from the regular titanic babes, john bull sisters etc.

  6. Yes Nollywood does have good movies I wish there were more of them with easy accessibility.. Ije deserve a rating of 7/10 I didn't understand or like the scene in Nigeria of the raid in the
    village very stereotypical and cliche or the relationship btw the lawyer and Genevieve character it was too predictable.

  7. Doctor Bello? No wayyy. Not a good story. Some traditional bullshits ended it. Bad movie. Wont recomend it.


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