Saturday, December 14, 2013

Donbraye Akangbou Killed By JTF Officers in Port Harcourt - Leaves 3months Pregnant Widow

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Donbraye Akangbou, a young man in Port Harcourt, has become another victim as he was gunned down in an 'accidental discharge' yesterday. In a set of unfortunates incidents, Donbraye, who only got married six months ago (his wife is now 3 months pregnant with their first child) had his life cut short for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

But that does not mean his death should just be a statistic, what of the person who fired the weapon? Accidental or not, such deaths need justice too, if not for the dead, but for the living!

According to a petition, this was what happened that led to Donbraye's death.

Some of his colleagues went to buy diesel for the office generator.(Lunberg Services Ltd behind Coca Cola in Port harcourt  Trans Amadi). and as they were bringing the diesel jerry cans into the office premises,Some JTF police men trailed them from the filling station t into the office premises.      JTF policemen began harassing the guys who bought the diesel in Jerry cans. Donbraye Akangbou one of the high ranking employees on site came out of the office to mediate on the issue at hand.    After he tried to explain to the officers for 30mins without luck... One of the police officers got impatient because he thought they were not going to grease his palms with money.  He wanted to use the head of his gun to hit one of the employees, instead the gun went off and short Donbraye in the stomach at close range... All his intestines came out...    They rushed him to BMH A & E, and as usual the hospital delayed to treat him because it was a gun shot wound and they needed a police report... Donbraye died an hour later.   He got married in June 2013 and his wife is three months pregnant.

An eye witness also sent in an update to TrendySturvs;

Dunbraye, the deceased was killed by a soldier attached as protection detail to expatriates working for RCC Construction Company who are currently doing the dualization of the Woji/Slaughter road in Port Harcourt city. The soldier is currently being detained by the police at the State CID but his colleagues have been desperately trying to forcefully release him.

I am a childhood friend of Dunbraye and we grew up together in Shell R.A. I was at his house yesterday to see his parents and widow who are both devastated. I was also at the scene of the shooting and the company has been shut down since yesterday to mourn the loss.

Please help to wipe the tears for those that Donbraye left behind, especially his young and pregnant widow. Let us demand justice for Donbraye. Contact the Rivers State Police Command Director - Rita Akpenyi.

Phone # - 07034423908
email -
Facebook page -


May his soul rest in peace.


  1. that was a senseless shooting/killing that didnt need to happen. stories like this make me ask where is the Justice.

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  3. Hi everyone,

    I have been trying to push on this case to get momentum going as this is what we owe this young man who I was blessed to know in life at AFSS before leaving Nigeria's shores. Here are the telephone numbers of Major police stakeholders as shown on the NPF site. Please call as I have been also calling, lets get this case to the highest levels we can


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