Thursday, December 5, 2013

Do You Agree That Jealousy is a Sign of Love?

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In her latest Toke's moments vlog - When a Woman is Fed Up - Toke Makinwa listed some signs that showed a woman in a relationship had reached her breaking point, and wants out of the relationship. She listed, when your woman no longer argues with you, if she's no longer jealous, and if she doesn't want your attention any more. While I agree with the first and last one, I'm of the opinion jealousy shouldn't be found where there's true love. See the video and excerpts below, and let's discuss.

"I'm tired of seeing men who have good women but don't just realize it. Some men will not know even if you hit them with thunder and lightning...they just will not realize. Some men have diamonds, girls who would do anything, she takes care of home, she's loyal to you, she tells you the truth, she's your buddy, she's your friend, someone who wants the best for you, but it's a lie, these men believe somewhere in their head that the sun rises and sets on their behind but me I've got news for you o... every woman has a breaking point. That mumu that you think does not know what's up, that mumu that you think all she does is cry and beg you to love day mumu sef will open eyes"

On a final note, I think when a woman is fed up, she shouldn't wait for the man to be reading any signs. She should just say, I'm done and waka. If she's still in the relationship forming "no jealousy", maybe she's not fed up, and only wants to manipulate the man into changing to suit her, or pressure him into doing what she asked for. All part of games immature men and women play.


  1. I think it's only naive, inexperience people that equate jealousy with love. Jealously is usually borne out of an ego problem. Some people think when he constantly calls you, checks up on you, wants to know where you are, who you're with etc, its a sign of love Unfortunately they're wrong. The reason people who do that, either male or female is INSECURITY! Speaking about being fed up, I didn't know women still get fed up, 'cause most women these days would rather stay in the relationship and die in silence than walk away because suddenly, its a disease to be single.

    1. chai your comment just made my day. Better to be single and sleep happily at night

  2. I agree that sparks of jealousy is a sign you care and love each other. I believe there's a difference between jealousy and possessiveness. I also agree that where there's no iota of jealousy things will quickly be taken for granted and may be an early sign one has given up. Of course that's if the person was initially a jealous freak!

    Moderation is the key word. Jealousy in small doses is a sweetener. Where there's no jealousy, the relationship can fizzle out without the involved people taking notice!

  3. blessings.....
    I don't think not being jealous is a good barometer for when a woman is fed up. Jealousy is not love, jealousy is about insecurity. When a woman is truly fed up varies dependent upon the woman, for most they become silent. They stop talking, usually because they have said all that i can say, done all that can be done, they have exhausted all their options, from crying, begging to suggesting therapy when nothing works its over at that point the only thing to do is either leave or ask him to leave.


  4. I'm with Toke on this one. Yes jealousy is borne out of insecurity, but just because we have a good loving relationship with our partners doesn't mean they can't develop feelings for someone else, and if the thought of losing them to someone else, doesn't make you feel a bit insecure, even if it's unlikely, I'd be surprised. A little bit of jealousy can be healthy, and help you not take your partner for granted. When that feeling goes then yes you probably should just waka...

  5. So my question is: does God feel insecure in our relationship with him wen He says He's a "jealous God?" Jealousy is a part of every relationship, even amongst family members! You see someone you're crazy about dancing, hugging or kisssing someone else and you claim it won't bother you? Jealousy is healthy in it's normal form, it shows you care so much and don't want to share!


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