Thursday, December 12, 2013

Chicago Bulls' Luvabulls Cheerleading Squad Dancer Has Surprise Marriage Proposal During a Game

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Some surprise public proposals as we've seen can take a turn for the worse, but the ones which go well are so sweet. Especially when the bride-to-be is genuinely surprised as this member of the Chicago Bulls' Luvabulls cheerleading squad who got proposed to by her boyfriend at a game last week..

In the middle of a third-quarter performance at center court, Luvabull Ariana Rosado was caught off guard when the music suddenly changed (at 0:57 in the video above) and her teammates launched into new choreography she hadn't learned -- when the team's ever-popular mascot, Benny the Bull, plopped her down in a rolling chair as her fellow Luvabulls danced around her.

Before long two inflatable Bennies join the party -- and out of one of them pops Shane Zackery, Rosado's boyfriend. Judging by the song that was playing during this performance (Bruno Mars' "Marry You"), we bet you can guess what happened next


H/T - Kanyi Okeke


  1. Awww so sweet, so romantic

    1. indeed very sweet n got me tearing up too.

  2. I saw a gifset of this a few days ago but this is my first time seeing the actual video. That was cute.

  3. Aawww. I wonder how I might be proposed to. Dunno if I like this public spectacle thingy as I would like to keep my engagement secret for as long as possible. But I like the idea of a man doing it for the whole world to see.
    Her stomach in the first picture tho...*bbm confused smiley*

  4. sweeeeeeeet! *teary eyes*


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