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Ann Njemanze On Taking a Chance at Second Marriage With a Younger Man

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Actress Ann Njemanze, was previously married to Segun Arinze, and in those days, they were one of the power couples of Nollywood. But they've been divorced for several years now, with Segun remarried and with a couple of children with his second wife. Recently, Ann Njemanze also got married and in this interview with Leadership Newspaper, she talks about how she met her husband, Silver Ojieson, how he proposed and the speculations that she is the older of the two.

How did you meet your husband?
My husband, Silver Ijieson is a lecturer. I met him at a lecture organized by the University of Lagos some 3 years back. Dr. Barclays Oyakeruma was supposed to give a lecture that day titled, ‘Nollywood and its effect on globalization’. My colleagues who were at the lecture encouraged me to come back and further my studies, I gave the excuse of no time. But Dr Oyakeruma urged me to enroll so as to broaden my knowledge. So a senior colleague of mine, Martins Odaji introduced me to my husband and we exchanged pleasantries and he said that if I needed help with my studies, I should not fail to call on him. A year later we met at the point of registering for my program.

When did he propose?
He proposed to me early this year; he just said he was going to marry me. I took it for granted, like he was just joking about it. I never saw the possibility because then he did not know much about me. I thought he just saw a woman he could exchange a lot of ideas with. He proposed to me properly seven months later, he gave me a ring. He was shaking all over like a leaf. He is light complexioned, so as he was proposing, he was all read. I love him so much because he is very courageous.

Has he ever been married before?
No, he’s never been married, no way. This is his last marriage in Jesus name. He is the only son of his parents too from Edo State.

Is he younger than you?

"Yes he is (younger), with a few years. My husband and I do not share up to 5 years difference and he is not bothered about it."

Do you regret your first marriage?
Regret it? My daughter is taller and finer than I am. She is the headgirl of her school. In less than 2 weeks, she is going for a photo shoot. At 16, she has started earning money. She is writing for a magazine and you ask if I regret it? I thank him (Segun Arinze)!! Without him I would not have met my Silver.

Are you not afraid that your marriage might crash again?
No! I reject it. We have our differences, just like other couples do, but it is not enough to say, we no do again. Before we got married, we told ourselves that divorce and separation are no option.

RML wishes the new couple a Happy Married Life!

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  1. Such a beautiful cake. I wish them all the best. That young man has guts, to not only take on a divorcee but also a woman with a teenaged daughter, a very courageous fellow indeed. Nobody ever knows in what package their love will show up. May they have many years of bliss.


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