Monday, November 11, 2013

Why Do You Use Protection For Sex - Pregnancy or Sexually Transmitted Infections?

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I've heard that a lot of Nigerian men and women do not like using condoms when having sex, even when they are only in casual/non-committal relationship with the other person. Some know they or the person they are about to have sex with also has sex with other people, multiple people. Some even go with prostitutes and/or married/promiscous/runsgir/aristos and do not use condoms. Why?

Well, the people of Battabox wanted to know and have the following questions;

1. Is unwanted pregnancy the main reason people use condoms, or is it all about protection from sexually transmitted diseases?

2. Is there a stigma attached to buying or being seen to buy contraceptives? Is this different for men and women or the same?

There are more questions and while I have my thouughts, it was as usual entertaining and enlightened finding out how some Nigerians on the street think.

Watch the video, check out their responses, and let's discuss!

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