Monday, November 25, 2013

Who Is Your Inspiration For Being a Great Mother? Your Mom, Woman Next Door or a Celebrity?

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Mothers in the UK, 86 percent of those that took part in an online poll anyway, recently said that celebrity parents were their inspiration for maintaining a good work life balance in their homes and families. The survey respondents also revealed that they believe that being a working mother helps their children learn the value of hard work and so most are, or would choose to work and therefore appreciate working celebrities.

According to the UK Daily Mail survey, Victoria Beckham emerged as the most inspiring mother, followed by other celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Holly Willoughby and the Queen.

Personally, I will celebrate any mom who does what she has to do to take care of, and protect her children, whether she is a celebrity, or not. However, the celebrities are usually among the few, if not the only ones whose lives are in the public domain so we can all pick examples or inspirations from them.

There are those though, who think most celebrities are rich enough to use domestic help to sort out their parenting and family issues and so painting the picture of well put together mom in public can be easy for them to pull off than an average mom.

Our poll for this week therefore is, who is your motherhood inspiration? Your favorite celebrity, Your Mom, or the that mom you saw carrying her two children on her lap in the danfo last week? Vote to the right as usual.

PS- Thanks for the massive turnout on the last poll - Out of 211 votes, 73% of RML respondents believe men would cheat on their wives even when they claim to love them.

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