Monday, November 4, 2013

[Web Series] Waiting... Episode 7

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“What happened? Did you see a ghost?” Tayo asked as she got behind the wheel.
I couldn’t even bring myself to speak, I was angry at myself for unknown reasons but all I knew was that I wasn’t going to get tangled in another Adeosun web. I guess Tayo got the cue because she dropped me off at home and said to call her tonight if I wanted to talk or she would call me in the morning.

I woke up bright and early on Saturday morning; I couldn’t even begin to think of the situation from last night because I had a lot of chores and errands to get to. I needed to unpack, do my laundry, grocery shop, cook, clean up my apartment and prepare to teach my kids at church tomorrow. The day went by fast enough; I had gone grocery shopping, did my laundry and cleaned up, all that was left before preparing for class was cooking which I was almost done with as well. I was about to blend my pepper for stew when I realized I forgot to buy ata rodo and there was no way I was going to cook tomato stew as my mum would call it so I decided to drive back to the store since it was only about ten minutes away. The minute I walked into the store, I saw Bayo and my first instinct was to run back out, run into my car and cook tomato stew but in my mind I’m like this is my grocery store and I won’t allow him chase me away from it.

“Hey hey Dara, wassup?” he walked up to me smiling.
I smiled and nodded and didn’t say a word to him and attempted to continue my grocery shopping.
“Is there a reason why you’ve been rude since when I met you, I really don’t understand?” he said and for a second, I thought I saw some genuine concern but I dismissed it. The Adeosuns are not genuine; they are green snakes under the green grass.
“I’m not sure what you mean because I have been trying to be respectful of your girlfriend even though it doesn’t occur to you to be”
“My girlfriend?”
“Yes, or you don’t have one?” I was staring at him like I just caught him in a lie and was expecting a full confession.
“Are you talking about Dupe? Dupe is my sister what are you talking about. You know what, don’t answer that, I’ve heard Naija girls are crazy, you just confirmed that.” With that said he walked away and continued his shopping. My mind was racing, what does he mean Naija girls are crazy, he doesn’t even know me and for him to make such an assumption. I still didn’t believe him when he said Dupe was his sister, I have heard stories and I wasn’t going to fall for it this time around; Good riddance.
I go back home and there’s a text from Kola; “Hey love, how have you been”. This just further annoyed me because I knew that Kola was never up to any good. He didn’t need to text me to find out how I had been because since we broke up, he didn’t care to find out. I responded and told him to not worry about how I am but should focus on not carrying on another relationship outside of the one with his fiancée. He didn’t respond after that so I am assuming he got the message that we were not friends hence we do not have casual conversations.
I ended the night by watching old movies on Netflix and eating rice, dodo and fish stew with a nice glass of wine. I wasn’t going to worry myself with men but the more I said that to myself, the more I thought about Bayo so I decided to call Lola; Tayo would flip out and I did not need her yelling.
I called and explained everything that had happened and trust Lola to be the reasonable one who had a viable reason why everything might have happened the way it happened.
“Well if he says the girl is not his girlfriend, I don’t see why you shouldn’t believe him. He’s not dumb; you have some friends in common so he should know you can find out now.”
“Lola, I don’t want any trouble, why am I even over thinking this, he has only asked me for my name and I am here thinking of dating him.” I don’t even understand myself anymore I thought to myself.
“You’re right; let me call Tayo and conference us”
After catching Tayo up on our discussion, she said “I’ll ask Bisola now since you said he mentioned that they were college roommates”
I sighed; why was I doing investigation on a man I barely knew, I convinced myself I was just trying to catch him in a lie and expose him even though it was none of my business.


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