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Unconditional Love - Ian and Larissa Murphy Get Married Despite His Brain Injury in a Car Accident

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Ian and Larissa Murphy met in 2005 while they were both in college and they got married in 2010. This would be not too different from a typical love story except for what happened in between those years. The couple's plans were shattered when Ian was involved in a devastating car accident in 2006, leaving him with permanent brain damage.

Ian was driving to work near Pittsburgh and shopping for engagement rings when his car became wedged under an SUV. He was in hospital for months and when he came home, he was unable to talk or feed himself, and needed full-time care.

All this while, Larissa stuck with Ian and she even moved into the family home to help care for him. She vowed to marry him if he could communicate again and waited patiently for his condition to get better. This dream came true in 2010, Ian had begun to communicate by then and their families were behind them. They had to get an approval from a judge because of the extent of Ian's disability but after that their wedding went off beautifully.

In the documentary of their life and love, below, Larissa says, 'Looking back, it’s weird because he couldn’t talk and he couldn’t eat, so we probably looked like complete weirdos when we went on dates. But we had a blast and I just talked to him all the time. I still don’t think that Ian would have ever left me if the role had been reversed. And walking away from my best friend was never truly an option.’

The documentary is a testimony to the couple's love for each other and also their faith in God. Ian and Larissa Murphy are proof for anyone who ever doubted that there can be unconditional love.

However, even true love has its challenges. Larissa runs the couple's blog, PrayForIan, and writes of their 2010 wedding, ‘Even though we chose marriage, we chose it sadly. Sorrow has been a permanent resident in our 20s. We’ve watched all of our friends get married and have health.’

Despite it all, Larissa says it's worth it to be married to the love of her life. And she remains hopeful.

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