Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Short Story - Slack by Uche Peter Umez

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 Chidera tried to push him away, but Mr. Nnamdi grabbed her by the waist.

‘Sir, you’re hurting me,’ she cried, wishing she’d left the office much earlier.

His grip slackened. ‘I’m sorry. But I’ve fallen for you – ’

‘No.’ Chidera shook her head. Though surprised by the sob in his voice, she added, ‘You are married, sir.’

‘Have you ever been in love, Chidera? Do you know what it means to be married to someone you don’t love?’

Chidera could only think of how her dad had left her mom for another woman.

‘Let me be your slave,’ Mr. Nnamdi whispered, going down on his knees briefly.

Chidera regarded him. Many female staff wouldn’t mind undressing for him straightaway, but he was kneeling before her. She felt giddy, she felt more than a secretary.

‘I’ll make sure you never lack anything…’

As Mr. Nnamdi moved his lips closer, Chidera thought of her pastor condemning fornication and realised that she’d imagined this moment all along.

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  1. I live your stuff but I didn't get the end of this story, was it all a dream?


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