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Pop Singer Dencia on Why Dbanj, 2face, Flavour, Psquare Are Her Top African Music Stars

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Upcoming musical artiste, Dencia recently released a couple of singles with more established singers, including Waje. In this interview with Zen Magazine, Dencia talks about what inspires her about music, her fashion, and who her top African music stars are and why.

Zen: What inspired you to get into music?
Dencia: I got inspired by life itself. I have always loved music and I think life itself inspired me to become an artist. I love music so much and I live for it. I love the process, the feelings and the journey with each track.

Zen: Which artists did you look up to or listen to while growing up?
Dencia: I listened to quite a few though my personal favourites were Diana Ross, and Michael Jackson.

Zen: What’s the atmosphere like during 1 of your recording sessions?
Dencia: Wow! It depends you know! Sometimes, I prefer being alone in the studio with the engineer. I believe I make better music that way because it allows me to express my feelings and emotions. In the past, I always had a lot of people come to the studio but I think I work better when I am all alone. I find it allows me to be free with myself which is very important to an artist.

Zen: Which artists are you looking to get in the studio real soon?
Dencia: I can’t actually say who for now because plans keep changing because of the direction of the music I plan to release real soon and also because I have so much going on now. Once my team and I have made our final decisions I will let you know.

Zen: Who would you put on your list of top 5 African music stars?
Dencia: My top 5 would have to be Dbanj, 2face, Flavour, Psquare, and Dj Arafat.

Zen: Why?
Dencia: Because these guys are popular all over the world and not just here in Africa. When I go to French African countries which is the bigger part of Africa, they talk about them everywhere. In America, the same thing and it’s not only Africans talking about them. Europeans, Americans, you name it. I definitely think they are doing it big.

Zen: Any memorable moments as an entertainer? Which is or has been your favourite moment?
Dencia: I have a lot of them and I mean a lot though my no 1 favourite would have to be when I did a show recently in LA. It was an all energetic crowd at a very warm party. I was scared because I felt maybe they won’t even know what I am talking about. Funny thing is when I performed my unreleased pop/house songs they were so TurntUp I was like wait, what’s happening here (Laughs). They were so alive that we had an awesome night!

Zen: Tell us what’s it like preparing for a live show
Dencia: Preparing always means a lot of rehearsals for my dancers. I really don’t do much to be honest though I always brush up my act so that it looks different from the last performance.  I work a lot with the energy I get from the crowd though I am naturally very energetic on stage.

Dencia's most recent single featuring Waje is titled “True Love”. You can listen and download HERE

Continue reading the interview on Zen.

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