Friday, November 29, 2013

Mercy Nnadi Survives Her Husband's Attack With a Hot Iron and now Campaigns Against Domestic Violence

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Oma was able to get away but some women are not so lucky. Do you remember the story of Mercy Nnadi? Her husband, who was a washerman/drycleaner attacked her with his hot iron, especially around her breasts because during the attack, she begged to breastfeed her one-year old son. The man ended up killing that innocent baby the same night he tortured his wife.

You'll be asking, was the man mad or what? Well, he said 'voices' spoke to him, but he also believed his wife was sleeping with his own father, and her child was not his. Hmm... so messy. Read more here.

Thank God she escaped and survived, and with the help of several women's help organization was able to get some surgery to reduce the effects of the burns. She is now speaking out against domestic violence in conjunction with Project Alert. And Okechukwu Ofili has joined the conversation, here, and wants us all to do something about such domestic violence stories, asking;

Does it make you mad?
Does it make you upset?
Does it piss you off?

I am sure it does, you probably even want to ensure that her husband gets to die not by electrocution or hanging but by a hot iron pressed all over his body (idea credited to Ofili’s evil side). But we know where that takes us…nowhere…just more violence. So what can we do?

1. Send an email to with the simple words “How Can I Help You?”
2. Make a donation to Project Alert Survivor’s Fund | 1013113653 | Zenith Bank or via paypal at or with paypal email
3. Can’t make a donation, then tweet/facebook/instagram this article and help spread the word for the organization.
4. Lastly, I will personally match any donation made (up to N75,000 ($500)) this weekend.

Please if you can in any way, let's do this. Blog about it, talk to friends and family and also put your money where your mouth is. Donate to Project Alert.


  1. Wow her scars scared the living daylights out of me! And you will still find people telling women in Domestic violence situations to tame their razor tongue and pray about it. I think she should be the poster woman for domestic violence awareness campaigns all over Nigeria some people do not believe how bad it is until they see it!

  2. God really saved this woman, I remember her pictures from when the thing just happened. As for the husband, may he rot in jail!

  3. The husband sounds like he's schizophrenic. He needs to be mentally assessed.

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