Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Is it True That A Guy Can and Will Cheat On His Woman Even When He Loves Her?

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Since knowing I'll be apart from my husband for a while, some people have been talking. One of the topics that come up is cheating I've been thinking, what gives? I've heard the same argument before, about how men compartmentalize sex and love and it means different things to them. I'm still not convinced, some men make mistakes, we are human and that is permitted, some are just plain disrespectful of their partners.

Do you think a man who really loves a woman will cheat on her simply because he wants to have sex and is sex starved due to her celibacy rules, her pregnancy, or the distance between them?

The comment below came in under the Christianity and how it affects young women in relationships, read here was posted by a reader named POV guy, so obviously they are writing from the male perspective. Read what he says and let's discuss. You can vote in the poll to the right too.

It is CRITICAL you have the same point of view ad your spouse. My wife (girl friend it 9 years before marriage) wanted to wait so badly....I waited with her cos she was my best friend and I loved her to bits
Yet I slept with another friend of mine who was willing to go the whole 9 yards before I got married BECAUSE I REALLY WANTED TO HAVE SEX and 9 years was a long time to stay celibate considering we were uust kids when we met.

Its the only time I've ever cheated on my wife and it has had a devastating impact on our marriage because I eventually told her. Every time she'll say, so why did I waste my life keeping it all for you. But truth is, we had differing perspectives - I didn't care so much about 'keeping it for me'. My point is if your man isn't on the same wavelength, he'll sleep around even if he likes you.


  1. I do think it is possible for me to compartmentalize sex and cheat on their partner that they really do love. Actually I think some women can do the same but they are better able to think of the consequences and thus restrain themselves. Also I think there is a difference between a man who has the urge to have sex but his partner is unavailable at that time and a man who even though his wife is available, has the urge to experience sex with a different woman or acts on arousal from another woman.

  2. Men do this all the time and try to use the same excuse, but I think they don't know the meaning of love. God is love and he does not cheat or abide cheater.

  3. Men are not so serious about keeping it just for someone, and practically, every man has a sex cycle, if it passes without ANY, the small head will start taking control of the body. So it's better to stick around your spouse. Forget work or career, if it must keep you apart, because men are men.
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  4. Not all men, just my guess, some will but not all of them


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