Monday, November 11, 2013

Governor Sullivan Chime Forcibly Evicts His Wife From The Enugu Government House

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Mere days ago, when he thought he could hood wink the press with a smokescreen press conference at which his wife refused to speak, the governor of Enugu state has shown his true colors where his wife's health is concerned. Since the Human rights commission got involved, and have set up a proper investigation, Chime packed up his wife's belongings and virtually threw her out on the street? She even had to beg to take her son.

What happened to chants of protecting her? What about her requests to get another medical opinion, or better tratment with another doctor? This man spared no costs when his health was in joepardy but now toys with Mrs Chime's mental health? And if his excuse is anger that she made her situation public, I shake my head. Read the report from THisday.

The drama over the detention of Mrs. Clara Chime, wife of the Enugu State Governor, Sullivan Chime, entered another chapter Sunday when the governor, with the assistance of security operatives, sent her packing from the Enugu Government House.

Mrs. Chime’s personal effects were packed for her by the governor and his security detail, and she was forcibly taken out of the Government House to her mother’s residence at House 38, Coal City Estate, Enugu.

Mrs. Chime, who THISDAY gathered struggled to depart with her four-year-old son, was bundled into a convoy of six cars and taken to her mother’s home.

However, on getting there, the mother who had not been notified that her daughter was being brought home, was not at home which forced Mrs. Chime and the security operatives to sit in their cars waiting for her mother to return.

After waiting for close to two hours, the governor, who was obviously embarrassed that news of his wife’s eviction had leaked and was attracting journalists who rushed to the mother’s estate, ordered that Mrs. Chime be brought back to the Government House.

However, he still intends to evict his wife today and hand her over directly to her mother.

THISDAY learnt that the governor took the decision to drive away his wife because she had petitioned the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) over her confinement in the Government House against her wish.

Mrs. Chime, who had admitted suffering from a nervous breakdown over what she alleged was as a result of her husband’s maltreatment of her, was however projected by the governor last week as someone who is mentally unstable requiring the administration of drugs by a doctor she does not trust and her confinement in her bedroom.

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