Thursday, November 28, 2013

For Guys: This is How You Can Keep Up With Your Girl's Numerous Male Friends

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A lady who makes loads of friends of both genders, especially the opposite sex, is usually a free spirit, a genuinely friendly person. Before a guy can develop the tactics to keep up with such a lady, if she is his girl, and her numerous male friends, he has to be certain if they are simply just her friends, or if they are his own rivals. And how do you ascertain that? Your girl's kind of person/personality, she falls in either of the following two categories:

Very free and smart: If your girl is a very free-spirited kind of person and is also smart at the same time, then place close attention to 'rivals' than 'friends'. There is a stage in a girl's life, when she really wants to be at the top of her game, take no chance at missing opportunities, playing quick ones on multiple guys. Don't bother asking why, because till tomorrow, we too don't know why you guys play quick one on us.

No matter how free-spirited a girl is to have numerous male friends, because she is smart, she will respect her relationship enough to have or set some ground rules that keeps her males friends at arms length in other not to compromise her relationship.

So when such a smart lady, your girl, begins to receive romantic text messages from her male friend and replies them positively in your presence, while she still gives you the line of 'babe, but I am just friends with him, no strings attached', accept that you have been gamed. It is left to you to make a stop or continue decision.

However, it is possible that before you you get to that stage, you apply your 'sharp guy' sense and go for prevention, not cure! You want to tap such measures from a lady like me? Let's do that some other time.

Very free and innocent: So you are lucky enough to have a free-spirited girl who is also innocent, don't jeopardize such value because she has numerous male friends. Not even when you actually got to her by being a friend. More reason to be scared? Never! Being innocent does't deny smartness, it just denies wanting to play smart and dump you for the next guy. In each relationship, there is always something that attracts each party to another, its called PERSONALITY and UNIQUENESS.

You should never try to deny your partner of what makes her who she is because you think it can attract their opposite gender, all you need to make glaring are the reasons why she needs to stick to you. Not all the men that approach your girl wants her or wants to take her away from you, so if you know your girl's male friends are ordinary/good/dear friends, you have to be cool with them and their friendship.

You can also decide to know them better, what they do, their girlfriends, where they hang out, their favorite sports/game, their football team and other minor details you take of your own friends, for the sake of your girl, be their friends too. You can a times suggest a group date with them and their ladies to your girl. By so doing, your mind is at rest and you definitely know who is who. Such even puts you on the advantage side, because friends will always be friends, if she thinks something about you or she really isn't sure about you anymore, she talks to them also, when they think you are a good person, they don't tell her to dump you straight up.

Making your girl want to cut ties with her male friends won't work! Remember, she is free-spirited, if she let go of them, she will make fresh ones, its her kind of person. She will rather think thrice about you or give you some distance, you are trying to steal her real person, and we women really despise being stolen from.

Instead of finding ways to get rid of her numerous male friends, find new ways to always let her know you are being the best you can for her, you are scared of losing her and you cherish every bit of her. As I always tell my dear ladies, if someone wants to leave you, after making them see reasons not to and they still aren't yielding, let them go. We all deserve to be genuinely loved.


  1. Nice article, mine is an LDR and she never lets me meet any of these guys. I find it weird but don't want to come off as insecure.

  2. If this was turned the other way...


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