Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Did Kim Kardashian Pull Off The Nude Bra With a Sheer or See Through Blouse Look?

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Kim Kardashian was photographed this weekend wearing a mesh see through top with nothing under at first glance. But she is really wearing a nude or skin colored bra. The bra matches perfectly with her skin tone and the blouse making it difficult to know where one starts and the other begins. One thing we learnt as girls growing up is what color bras to wear under what color and style blouses and tops.

The gospel then was bras were never to be seen, a black bra was best, never a white bra under a white top, or was it the other way around? And those pesky bra straps, hide them by all means including pinning them to the narrow sleeves of your blouse. These days, most of those rules are out of the window.

Going by those rules, do you think Kim Kardashian got her look together or not?


  1. I had the same rule growing up and white undergarments were never to be worn with white outfits

  2. I love kim's style...shes the bomb! RoRo’s World

  3. She's got a gorgeous bod and can pull off just about anything. That said, personally I think I'm still for the cover-up-bra advice we got while growing up. It's not related, but case in point, Peter Okoye's wife? Too much for me. A bit of cleavage can still be tasteful, but when it's all out like that....nah. But like my husband says, maybe I'm only saying that because I'm not a man.

  4. This is about someone that became popular for selling a video of herself having sex with a man right? Lol...she can go naked as much as care!


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