Thursday, November 14, 2013

Ann Coulter, Nigerian Princes and Obamacare

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I knew Ann Coulter was rabid in her racism, and polarizing political commentaries, but this is especially rabid! What bee is buzzing around in this woman's bonnet, I wonder? This time she's got it in for Nigerians, and in a big way too. Ted Cruz apologized just some weeks ago for trying to make his point about the Obamacare websites with an analogy to Nigerian online scammers. But nothing will stop Ann Coulter, she's run with it.

I just don't know, the last time Nigerian image abroad was this bad with the whole Oprah uproar was several years ago, since then 419 has come under more checks both in Nigeria and abroad. Still, maybe because there's a Black President in the US, all these closet racists are just boiling and spewing bile. Pity Obama is not Nigerian, they would've had a field day.

But Ann Coulter is even on a higher level, she may specially have a thing for Nigerians, but she's swinging all ways. Foreign names sound comical to her, Ben Franklin, one of the American founding fathers would have found our names strange, and all 250,000 excess Nigerians in the US are there to scam her country. I shake my head.

Read here and weep? Laugh? Attack Ann Coulter on Twitter? At this point, I'm thinking these people may be doing this deliberately, in this internet world, what's the best way to get traffic to your article or attention to yourself? Talk about Nigerians, for good or for bad, and we all know bad news sells more. Imagine just 10 million Nigerians hopping mad and clicking on your links. Pssheewww...

I'm not usually this mad, but as for me, Ann Coulter can go choke on her own vomit.


  1. Quite a mean analogy of Nigeria and her people but like you said, might just be for the attention and traffic to the article which id say she apparently succeeded what with the rate of comments. People say lots of trash and crazy stuffs these days just to get noticed

  2. Read the article today and the UNILAG reference had me reeling with laughter. I don't know if the woman is trying to audition for a comedy gig or something else, but it comes across as the craziest statement I've heard in a long time.

    I normally ignore people like Ann Coulter, she can throw all the tantrums she wants, no one really cares. Some people are certified idiots, no amount of reasoning can change that.


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