Friday, November 15, 2013

A Woman Proposing to Her Man on Bended Knees - To Do or Not to Do

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Will you propose to your guy on bended knees, have you ever seen it done? I know women can and sometimes ask men to speed up marriage plans, but rarely do they spell it out, not to talk of doing the whole ring and bended knees routine. Or is it something we may be seeing more of? LOL...

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  1. oh! I could never ask someone a hand, I'd be too afraid to cross or a refusal:
    - "Yes, I know ... pass can be .. let me think about it, I need a little time ... "LOL No, I prefer all the same it was me who had the choice to say yes or no.
    You can imagine my future fiance in the process of peeling a daisy and say looking eyes to the sky: "I love her madness , a little, very little, not at all" ....

    But I must admit that this is very courageous on the part of some women to take the first step ...


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