Saturday, November 30, 2013

A New Blog on Endometriosis Discuss Low Libido Challenge For Women Diagnosed With Endometriosis

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Endometriosis, characterized by painful periods, is a common cause of several gynecological conditions in women who suffer it. Apart of Nike Oshinowo who has spoken out about her endometriosis and infertility, not many other Nigerian women, celebrity or otherwise have taken up the campaign to inform and educate others on the experience of endometriosis and options available to those who suffer it. I was happy to discover this new blog by a Nigerian in the UK on the subject.

In one of her blog posts, on Low Libido, she writes;

Low libido is a very sensitive issue for women with endometriosis and for a Nigerian woman like myself, embarrassing to talk about. This could be because as a married woman, you are not meant to talk about your marriage to outsiders talkless of your sexual problems. Simply put,  low libido is low sex drive. Between chronic pain, painful sex, taking medication and hormonal therapies, undergoing surgery and dealing with a variety of emotional issues, it is not surprising that sexual desire is affected.

Like l mentioned in an earlier post, l was diagnosed 2 months in my marriage. Naturally, any sexual intimacy took a back seat. I couldn’t even bear to be touched and this would be hard for any man especially a newly married one.  Anytime l had any respite from the pain, l just wanted to be left alone in peace. My body felt as if it had been in a boxing ring so any pain free time was pure bliss and l guarded it fiercely because the pain could return at any moment and it was back to the boxing ring. The act itself didn’t make it any easier. Dyspareunia also known as painful sex, is common when endometriosis affects the tissue behind the uterus at the top of the vagina. Frankly, with the level of pain and stress l was going through, l wouldn’t have cared if l never had sexual intimacy with my husband for the rest of my life. I didn’t think of the effect it had on him; l expected him to understand. Afterall, l was the one going through the pain and operations. I failed to realise he is only human too and it was grossly unfair not to take his feelings into consideration. For a while, it affected our marriage until we eventually sought counselling in church.

You can read the whole post HERE, and if you have an endo story to share, send to


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