Monday, November 11, 2013

4 Things a Guy Can Do When He Finds Himself Double Dating So He Won't Lose Both Women

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By Eniola Lawal

There is never a valid explanation for a man to cheat in the guise of double dating, and like I normally say to my ladies, worst case scenario, leave! The most pathetic situation a man can find himself is dating two girls YOU CLAIM TO LOVE. I say claim because whichever way you look at it, you are cheating on them both and it falsifies your claim of love. If you really love someone, you will not cheat on them.

The major consequence I know for being unwisely caught in the middle of double dating is not just totally losing out but hurting the people you claim to love. My mum says one thing; 'you cannot eat your cake and have it'. This is the same result for both men and women, but today, I'm talking to the men, so pay attention.

OK, let me ask, what is your plan for the women in the nearest future, or is it one of them you foresee for a long-term relationship? Then why are you wasting the other's time? Stop deceiving yourself! The truth is that you don't really love either of them, if you did, you won't have another relationship when the initial one is still intact.

Let me share with you a story of being unwisely caught in the middle of two girlfriends.

There was this friend of mine who had asked a girl out, she agreed and they were dating and was actually serious about each other, after about a month of commencing their relationship, there came another girl he had asked out previously but she wanted time to think about it. She was now ready and she said yes to a relationship. He didn't have enough courage to tell her she was a month late and couldn't face the first girl to tell her what happened. So he began to date both of them!

What do you think his problem was? I think it was greed. He told me he was in love with the both of them, (which I greatly disagree with) but he liked keeping them so he was never scared of losing either of them, well he already had a back up! The second girl found out about the relationship from the first girl after about 17 months (they always took themselves for mere friends of the guy). After the second girl confronted him and broke it off, he was scared she might tell the first girl, so he confessed himself.

Imagine, the feeling of betrayal the two girls must have had, not only did he cheat on them both, he took them for fools, making both sides believe the other was just a good friend. The end story is, they left him and he lost them both.

If he had thought well and summoned all the manly courage and fearlessness he exhibited while asking them out to;

1. Tell the second girl she was too late or
2. Break up with the first girl and go with the second or
3. Make the both of them meet, while he introduces the first girl as his girlfriend or
4. Just break up with the first girl and tell the second girl he was no longer interested.

All the listed options will definitely at that point be extremely difficult to himself or either or both of the girls, but then he would have spared himself of totally losing out at the end, wasting the girl/s's time and hurting them.

Saying you love both girls or you're caught in the middle of them is not an excuse, we're suppposed to love each other but when it comes to romance and relationships, you have to choose one. There is always be an option of leaving one or both to spare yourself and the girls the aftermath of double dating gone wrong.

While it lasts, you might enjoy the feeling of dating two girls, especially when they both love you and they are the 'super hot sexy' type. You will confuse your deceit for smartness and being the "man of the season". Only at the end will you be able to analyse your loss. That is if you really care for the women, and not just using them.


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