Monday, October 7, 2013

What Does a Father Do When His Daughter Dies?

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When at home, I tend to listen to music either on my phone or laptop, but when driving, I listen to NPR. Some of my favorite programs are the story-telling ones - Storycorps, Moth Story Hour, Snap Judgement etc. In this edition of Moth, American comic Anthony Griffith tells the story of his life in 1990 when he achieved national fame as a comedian all the while his daughter was dying of cancer.

For him it was the best of times and the worst of times. I cried watching this video, his story comes from such a honest and deep place. Most of us don't talk about loss, especially losing young children, and the fact that men are not expected to cry. Hmm...


  1. Thanks a lot Myne for making a grown tough woman like me cry buckets. Too heartwrenching for words, i can relate somewhat though cos i was a daddy's girl myself and can just imagine his pain. Life's really tough like that sometimes yeah, we still gotta 'buck up' and keep going...

  2. OMG, this is just so touching! Sometimes I ask God why, why do such tough things happen to people, especially when it comes to little children being sick. Why?

  3. When a grown up man cries, it is the most heart breaking thing. God rest her soul and continue to protect their family.

  4. I can imagine d heart aches and pains takes a lot to get thru it...

  5. very touching story. thanks for sharing.


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