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What Details of Your Cell Phone Do You Share With Your Significant Other?

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This question is from a reader, she wanted me to share a post on love and mobile phones, which when she brought up the topic in a class group, the debate lasted about 6hrs! So what details of your phone are you willing to share with your boyfriend, girlfriend, partner, or better half? Will you give them your password? Will you allow them to use it to browse, chat, send a text, make a call?

Meena said in her mail, "For me, the height of my love for someone is sharing. This might be my life's goals, dreams and my history. It also gets to the point of intimacy. But I am amazed that in today's world, we can share our lives with someone but the mobile phone is a no go area. What's with the mobile phone?"

Let's discuss, and also vote by the right.


  1. Voluntary sharing is ok, sneaking around to find out stuff you weren't given access to isn't. That's my take.

  2. My phone is mine alone, and that's how I voted. My BF knows better to respect that boundary. He has several phones so there is usually no need for him to ask for mine.

  3. I can share all with my boo he is free to check it rite after i delete my payslip emails & my whatsap convo with my sister #dasall

  4. We don't share phones but not because any of us is hiding something. Some individual space and privacy is essential in a relationship.

  5. Myne,

    Thanks for sharing. Yep, I sent it, peeps. I think accountability matters in relationships. No need to snoop around but transparency must count for something. I was watching the movie of a journalist who was kidnapped and killed in the middle east, starring Angelina Jolie (forgotten the name now) and when they were trying to find him, Jolie gave the investigators the husband's email password. What if he said what is mine is mine and vice versa. As far as I am concerned, only people with something to hide will hold on to their phone at the detriment of their relationships. At the same time though, let me stress that a desire to snoop around and insistence on seeing what is in your partner's phone is a sign of deep-seated mistrust. I think the key is in voluntary sharing... Xoxo

  6. Hi guys, I am so lonely. I live in a house full of people. But I need my own life partner and love. I came back from the UK early this year for a marriage, but it didn't work, so I refused the marriage.

    I run a small business, and the people I meet aren't the type of people I'd like to marry. But I don't have any other avenues to meet eligible men. Most of the ones I meet through parties are way too young, and everyone in my age bracket seems to be taken (32-38). Also I didn't grow up here, so have limited friends who can do introductions.

    Can someone suggest where I can meet/connect with eligible single men? Has anyone tried speed dating or online dating in Nigeria? Is Afrointroduction any good?

    I'm 5'5, size 6 (uk), people say I look like Cassie (I don't know for them o'!)


  7. Mrs you should start attending service for singles in your church.or better still look for any nice soccer viewing center you can meet nice single and handsome guy there

  8. I honestly came here to comment about this phone issue but the finding husband advertisement just slayed me. I'm dead. Sorry.

  9. Personally I have no qualms about sharing my phone details or say passwords with my partner because I must have trusted him a great deal to be in a relationship with him in the first place. I must admit though that I won't just voluntarily offer the info unless he asks but it's not a big deal. i also expect same from him. My heart need not skip if he needs to use my phone and vice versa. However playing the detective and trying to snoop or dig up stuff on each other portrays a lack of trust, which means perhaps you shouldn't be together in the first place. Trust I believe is one of the bedrocks of a successful relationship. That's my take.

  10. There is absolutely nothing wrong in having access to your partner's phone, and i will never hold back my password(which i usually don't have). But then my boyfriends believes 'we're not supposed to touch each other's phone unnecessarily'.He has password on his phone which i don't know and It used to aggravate me, but then i learnt to respect his stand. I don't touch his, even when i have all the access(he asked for it), and he doesn't touch mine(unless i show him a pic. and he scrolls to see the rest). I will say, it's about your stand and your partner's on it. Always respect each other's opinion and don't conclude that your party isn't trust worthy because he/she keeps their phone strictly to themselves.

  11. Myne, keep up with your good write ups. May God bless you.
    I don't see why you can't share your passwords or info as long as you are sincere but no snooping around. You can visit for great posts too.


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