Monday, October 28, 2013

[Web Series] Waiting... Episode 6

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The week back at work was brutal; it felt as if I was gone for a year rather than a week with the amount of work I had to catch up on. My only weekend plans involved me not leaving my apartment, a movie marathon and my comfortable college sweatpants. Friday came later than expected but I was still grateful because I hadn’t had any downtime at work since the week began.

I got home at about 5:30pm, changed and was fast asleep by 5:50pm. I woke up at around 11pm to a couple of text messages from Tayo asking what I was up to, why I wasn’t responding to her texts and blah blah blah, the last one read; “You better be dead if you’re not responding to my texts oh”. I just laughed it off knowing Tayo and her almost bulling ways of handling things before I called her back.

“Where have you been Darasimi Temidayo, Olutimi Adeola?” was the first thing I heard on the phone before I could even say hello.
“Calm down, why are you calling my government name like that, did someone die?” I said sarcastically
“Die ke, no jo I need a favor. Please please don’t say no” she pleaded.
“What is it, and you begging me not to say no tells me I probably will” I said as I got up from the bed to use the bathroom.
“Sooo Sola’s sister is having a birthday get together and you know she doesn’t really like me, I need you to go with me pleaseeeee”
Sola was Tayo’s boyfriend of 3 years, he was a very quiet man but his family was another issue. His dad was dead and he had only 2 sisters so by default that meant wahala for any woman he was going to marry.
“Tayo I am exhausted from work now, I told you about my week, ask Lola”
“I did, but she has a date with this guy and has cancelled on him once because of me; she really likes this guy and I don’t want to ruin it for her pleaseee pleaseee. I’ll pick you up self, all you have to do is get ready and we can leave after an hour”

I agreed because that’s what friends do, I couldn’t allow her to face the evil monster herself and also because if she went alone, she would have to stay behind to help clean up. I quickly showered and decided to put in a little extra effort and by that I mean actually do something about my hair. Since the vacation, it’s been a mess and the hectic work week didn’t allow me cater to its needs at all. Tayo picked me up 45 minutes later and made me wonder what kind of get together we were going to at after midnight.

We get there and do the rounds of saying hi to familiar faces and Tayo is immediately pulled into the kitchen to help. I, being the good friend that I am, started a timer that would alert me when our hour was up and Tayo’s maiden duties would be over. The party was fun, there were games, drinks and everyone seemed to be having fun. After about 30 minutes, I go and pull Tayo away from the kitchen so she could have a little fun, Sola’s sister was stressing out because the food was almost finished but in my opinion, that wasn’t Tayo’s problem or anyone else’s for the matter.

At 1am, the party was still cracking even though we had just fifteen minutes left on the clock so Tayo begged me that we should stay another 30 minutes and she promised we would leave after that. A couple minutes later, Mr. Million dollar smile walks in with the same woman from the supermarket. He said hi to a couple of people and walked over when he saw me leaving his girlfriend once again. In my mind, I’m like this guy must either have a lot of nerve or the babe self just doesn’t care.
“Hey there stranger” he said while flashing his amazing teeth.
“Hi, what are you doing here?” I wanted to be nosy so I would know who to ask about him later on.
“Oh Dupe” he pointed at the woman he came with, “and Bisola were college roommates so I decided to drop her off since she can’t drive here.”

I don’t think I understood what he said because I smiled and dismissed him before the conversation could go any further. Lola called while I was talking to him and I had missed her call so I went outside to call her back because I’m sure she wanted to jist me about her date. We spoke for about 10 minutes and she told me how she liked him and they had a good time at dinner. I was listening attentively when I saw Mr. Million dollar smile walking towards me and it occurred to me that I didn’t even know his name. Lola rushed me off the phone because her guy was calling her even though he just dropped her off at home about 20 minutes ago.
“So I don’t know your name” he said to me before I could start walking back into the house.
“I just realized the same thing’” I chuckled a little bit “but it’s Dara, what’s yours?”
“Is it just Dara? What’s your full name?”
“Darasimi Adeola”
“That is a beautiful name, you’re beautiful too.”
In my mind I’m like is this guy crazy or did he forget that I had seen him with his girlfriend twice already, I decided that there was no need to further this conversation, I just needed his name and hopefully remember it as someone to stay away from “So what is your name?”
“Bayo Adeosun.”

All I needed to hear was the last name; I smiled and ran back into the house leaving a puzzled look on his face. Once I got into the house, Tayo could tell something was wrong and I didn’t have to tell her before she got up, grabbed our purses and bid everyone goodbye.


Hi, I'm Moriam. I'm curious and I love cooking. I also like to write short stories. If you haven't check out Part one and two of Love's Pain. If you love recipes, check out my blog too.


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