Monday, October 21, 2013

[Web Series] Waiting... Episode 5

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A week later, we were back in Dallas, relaxed, happy and not so excited about going back to work. We were at baggage claim waiting for Lola’s luggage when I saw Kola walking towards our direction with his fiancée. I knew what she looked like from stalking her Facebook page numerous times and I was surprised to see her because for the whole year Kola and I dated, she never visited or maybe she did.

“OMG Kola is walking in our direction” Before I could finish my statement, Tayo and Lola scanned the area and saw him and hissed simultaneously. It was Tayo who spoke first “And who cares?” Please Lola your luggage is here, grab it and let’s go.”

Lola quickly grabbed her luggage and we walked out into the very dry hot weather before they could notice us. “I can’t believe that fool is still in Dallas sha, I thought he would have moved.” Tayo the obviously outspoken one of us three was still upset with him. I look back and I see Kola and his fiancée walking out as well, it seemed inevitable to run into them so I decided not to alert the others.
“Hey guys, what’s up” I heard Kola say from behind me. In my mind I’m like what does this fool want and why is he saying hi to us.
“Hey Kola, ahn ahn and you just forgot about us since you and Dara stopped dating” I could see the fire in Tayo’s eyes because it was obvious her point got across and Kola was no longer smiling. She continued, “It hasn’t even been that long since you guys broke up”.
His fiancée’s eyes lit up and I shook her hand, “Hi I’m Dara, How are you Kola” as I look back at him. I was holding Tayo’s hand and her tongue indirectly because part of the ten thousand dollars was what paid for our hotel in Mexico.
“I’ fine” Kola answered, “everyone this is my fiancée, Temi”
“Oh the fiancée you’ve been hiding from us all this while, nice to meet you” I was surprised to hear the sarcasm in Lola’s voice because she is the sane one of three of us.
“It was nice seeing you guys again, see you later” I guess he got the message and did what any man would do when things start heating up; Run.
“Did you see his face? Stupid idiot, Please Dara can you watch my stuff let me see if I can find us a cab” Tayo said before going towards the taxi line to hail us a cab.

We got to my house and it was still early in the afternoon on Sunday so we went to grab brunch and that took two hours surprisingly. We just decided to stay there and wait for Tayo’s boyfriend to pick her up instead of him having to drive to my house. Lola and I walked back to my house since it was only a few blocks away.
“Dara, please do not start thinking about Kola, I can’t even believe we saw him”
“I know right, but no seriously I am over him so no need to worry about me”
“Ok great, can you help me get my stuff from the front desk, let me go and pull my car around.”

I got home, returned a few calls and since everyone had gone to their respective houses, I decided to get ready for the week by running all my errands.
I went to target and a fabric store to get some new patterns for my pillow case and I couldn’t help but think of the times Kola and I came here to pick out fabric for his curtains and several other things I sewed for him. Whole foods was my last stop and I wanted to quickly get everything on my list and make it out in time to catch Sunday’s best on BET at 7pm.

I was walking towards the register when I saw the guy from the airport talking to a woman who was almost as tall as him. He was dressed in a plain blue t-shirt and jeans carrying a few grocery items while the woman was staring at him and laughing at what he was saying. I purposely avoided going to stand behind them so that he won’t see me especially since his girlfriend was there. This particular Whole foods was not that big so before I could decide what aisle to go to, he saw me, waved to me and walked up to me.
“Hey I know you, well not know, I’ve met you” He said while the lady paid for the items.
I was smiling but quickly caught myself and said hi with a straight face. “I remember you, thanks for saving my green tea smoothie.”
“No problem, you live around here?” he asked before looking back at his girlfriend who gave him a lets go look since she was done with the purchase. “Actually, I have to go, we are running late for the airport and I don’t want her to miss her flight.”
“That’s fine, nice to see you again. See you later” I quickly dismissed the conversation.
He looked confused like he was about to say something before I ended the conversation but then flashed his million dollar smile and said “Sure, I will see you later” and walked away.

I didn’t realize I was holding my breath until he walked away and I let it out. This was not the time to be thinking of any man, I was already the other woman once and I would never let it happen again. I paid for my items and went home forgetting about Mr. Million dollar smile. I got home and listened to my mum’s voice message telling me she missed me and asking if I had met anyone. I couldn’t understand her, she knew everything about the Kola situation and her aim was still to find me a man. I thought about Mr Smiles for a second but quickly dismissed the thoughts; I cannot let myself be involved with any man right now. I was not ready to love someone or let anyone love me because with my emotional state, it’ll probably end up being disastrous.


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  2. Interesting story! Where can I find part 1 to 4?

  3. I love your stories. . Pls publish more often.


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