Monday, October 14, 2013

[Web Series] Waiting... Episode 4

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It was about 5pm that evening and I just wanted to get home since I knew that Kola wouldn’t be able to get to me there because my security was on the lookout for him. I got into my car and started driving home, didn’t even stop to buy dinner, indomie was just going to have to do for that night. I quickly scanned the street before I entered my building’s garage space to see if Kola was waiting for me and I didn’t see him or his car.

As I entered the lobby through the door from the garage, the first thing I heard was Kola voice and I started shouting, “Kola please I don’t want to be friends, you cheated on me and I don’t want to see you” I didn’t even have to say anything to the security before they escorted him out. He was shouting and yelling that I was a crazy bitch and he would have me arrested; He also called me all sorts of name without knowing that he was digging a bigger hole for himself.
I was a little shaken up with the threat of arresting me but I had my story straight and even if he was able to get his money back, I won’t get into trouble for it. I was certain of that.

Wednesday morning, I got to work and was on the phone with Tayo walking into my building when I saw Kola in the lobby.
“Let me call you back, Kola is here” I said to Tayo.
“No leave the phone on let me hear the idiot beg you.” I’d have to jist her anyways so I decided to oblige her.
“Kola what do you want? Haven’t you done enough, I don’t want to be with you anymore.” I made sure I was loud enough for the door man to hear me just in case he became a witness.
“Dara, what the fuck do you think you’re doing? You think this is funny, you better get my money back to me before I have you arrested”
“Arrested? You’re a bastard Kola and I pray you remain miserable for the rest of your life. Did you forget that I was your girlfriend while you were proposing to your girlfriend of 5 years? You’re mad, go and bring the cops now.”
“So fuck what Dara, are you the first woman to be cheated on? That does not give you a right to steal from me. You get over that shit on your own.”
I walk away from where people would be able to hear us, hung up my phone and looked over at his phone to make sure no one was on the line.

“What do you mean steal; did you not see the email you sent me on Monday at 10:28 pm? I picked my boyfriend up from the airport, took him home, confronted him about getting engaged to another woman and he confessed that he loved me but he loved her more and would do anything to make sure this didn’tt get to her which was why he gave me the money. You transferred the money to my account right there to show me how serious you were about the agreement. Then I went to dinner with my friends and cried to them which I’m sure our waiter will testify to then you sent me an email later that evening reminding me that the money was to shut me up and that it was a binding contract so what do you mean steal? Then you came to my house to beg me not to leave you and now my job.
“Are you freaking kidding me Dara, I swear you won’t get away with this.” He took a minute to digest everything I said and I think for a second, he believed me. “You won’t get away with this Dara, I promise you” He walked away and I went to work feeling more scared and less confident than I was the day before. The gravity of what I did suddenly hit me and I asked the girls to lunch to talk about it.

By Friday, a BOA fraud rep called me to ask about the money that was transferred to me by a Kola Adeosun and I told her exactly what I had described to Kola earlier that week. She asked if I there was a possibility that he was joking, I replied no that even if I thought he was joking, then the email convinced me otherwise since he emphasized that it was a binding contract. She thanked me, asked me to fax the email I received and the one I sent and told me they would keep in touch if they needed me for anything else. I asked if I would have to return the money to Kola since he gave the money to me and she said after the investigation was complete, they would decide if Kola got his money back and if they refunded him, I would owe them the money.

Two weeks went by and no word from Bank of America or Kola but I made sure I didn’t spend the money just in case. I went about my life, stalking Kola’s Instagram page to see what he was up to and stalking his fiancée’s Facebook page. After a month, Kola must have realized that he wasn’t getting the money back because he started calling leaving messages and emailing to beg me to forgive him and return the money. I didn’t respond to any of the emails, I didn’t need to because I knew I had won. This didn’t stop me from crying for another month over my broken heart but I got over it faster than I would have if I wasn’t ten thousand dollars richer.


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