Wednesday, October 2, 2013

[Web Series] Waiting... Episode 2

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I was so glad we were taking off and finally on our way to our vacation destination. I had had a stressful year with work and every other nonsense I had allowed into my life. I couldn’t help but think about Kola and everything he put me through that year. I had met Kola at a friend, Tolu’s birthday dinner, about a year and half ago. He was introduced to Tolu through another friend who lived in New York and since Kola was moving to Dallas, Tolu was helping him sort of settle in. We spoke for a bit since we were seated next to each other at the dinner and it was a big table. At the end of the night, he asked for my number and that was the beginning of my romance with him.

Kola was the perfect man, at least my perfect man; He was the definition of tall, dark and handsome. About 6 weeks after we met, he asked me to be his girlfriend and I said yes. It was like a dream come true because I had been led to believe that it was very hard to find a man, especially one you wanted. Everyone said we were the perfect couple, we were beautiful and all of that and of course it felt good. I was 26 with a good job, an incredible man and I had my life together so to speak. He understood me, pampered me and never ceased an opportunity to show me just how much he loved me.

Even though Kola had moved to Dallas, I noticed that he always went to New York once a month for a weekend and would come back Monday nights. He had told me about the restaurant business he invested in and he said he didn’t feel right just abandoning it and not checking on it personally since he owned half; He needed to know what his money was paying for. I didn’t argue or even feel any kind of way about it until I asked to go with him and he got upset saying that he would be working and didn’t want to have to entertain me. I decided not to ask again, it’s not like I as if I liked New York to begin with anyways.

It was one of those weekends that Kola went to New York and he had texted me that he was on his flight back to Dallas and I was excited. I hadn’t seen him all weekend and I missed him. I had just left the house to go and pick him up from the airport when Tayo called me.
“Yo baby, wazzup?” Tayo was my razz friend and from the way I answered my phone, I could tell she had influenced me more than I admitted.
“Dara abeg where are you?” she said. She wasn’t laughing, or clowning or even responding with something razzer so I knew something had to be wrong.
“I’m going to pick up Kola from the airport, what did your boss do now?” Anytime Tayo was sad, it was always her boss. The guy was the biggest asshole in the world.
“Dara, I need you to listen to me, Kola got engaged to his girlfriend of 5 years this Saturday that he was away.”
I don’t know why I started laughing but it seemed like the only appropriate response to such an accusation. “What do you mean my Kola got engaged?”

Tayo then went into detail about how her friend in NY posted a picture of Kola and his newly engaged girlfriend on Facebook congratulating them. She called the so called friend pretending to jist and catch up and eventually asked about the couple. The friend told Tayo that Kola and his girlfriend had been together for 5 years and that when he moved to Dallas, she was scared that the relationship won’t work but that he came to NY every month to see her and stayed committed to the relationship.
That was all Tayo wanted to hear before she called me so she made up some excuse to get off the phone and called me.
“Dara can you hear me, please go back home now, I’m coming over.”
“No, please not tonight. Can you come tomorrow instead, this needs to sink in” I pleaded.
“Are you sure, Dara please don’t do anything crazy oh”
“I won’t I promise Tayo, I just need some time” I hurriedly got off the phone as I was nearing the airport. I don’t know why I was there, I should be heading home not here picking up a man who lied and betrayed me. Kola called my phone and I didn’t know whether to answer or not. I picked up the phone without a plan in mind, what was I going to do? What will I say to him if I see him? I didn’t know the answer to these questions so I just went ahead and picked him up.

He would usually take over driving when I picked him up but this time I needed the distraction of the road to stop me from staring and giving myself away. I didn’t know what I was going to do just yet. He entered the car, kissed me and strapped on his seat belt.
“You smell good babe, is it that new perfume?”
I smiled and nodded.
We drove back to my place since he would usually spend the night after he was gone for the weekend. I had cooked for this man, made rice with efo riro and plantain for dinner even bought a nice bottle of wine. I had missed him a lot that weekend because I went to a wedding and he wasn’t there with me.

He ate, we watched some TV and he told me about his weekend obviously eliminating the part where he proposed to his girlfriend. It was bedtime; we cleaned up together, walked my dog together and got ready for bed together. We had sex, showered and had more sex. It was as if my body hadn’t registered what my mind knew because I still wanted him bad. I lay in bed in his arms because I couldn’t understand what I was feeling. Why was I so calm even on the inside, I really didn’t get it.


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