Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Marriage Pressure: Why Are You Not Married?

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The pressure on young women to get married at a certain age is all too real, some families dish it worse than others, but most do it in one way or the other. In this video, Chinenye Ifepe of Rita Speaks and a friend share their experiences on the struggles of being a single young female in an African setting. Watch the video below and share your own views.


  1. "A woman is nothing without a husband" oh don't you know it. Someone was telling me this the other day too, and I asked clearly in articulate English, very slowly, "so you are saying (and I'm not even using short forms here o) that if I am not married my value is zero to nil" and the person opened their mouth in broad day light, under this modern day Obama administration, in full glare of the light of the Holy Spirit and told me YES!

    Chai! I wanted to drop to the floor and just roll from anger and irritation.This is why we have such high divorce rates because people just get into it because it's about that time (or so says society).

    Yes, the bible says it is not good for a man to be alone. But can we at least wait until we find that man that is good for us?

    1. Nollywood Reinvented: High five abeg! Your last sentence just hit the nail on the head.

  2. Like seriously, I nearly married a guy I couldn't hug(not even side, church sister hugs I swear) just to please my momma. I was lucky I woke myself up before I killed me. I told her to lemme be, to lemme grow and find prince charming and she let me be. Except when she prays to God about me. I can live with that.

  3. Hmmm..interesting. This is the central theme of my Christian fiction romance novel An Unexpected Blessing. My main character's mom was a hot mess!

  4. getn married 2awrongd person ll terminate ur Hapinx nomata hw wealth u r, remmbr dis; d Bst awaits d patience. B patience nd b prayerful if u wannq gt d Bst out of d bst.

  5. Immediately a girl gets to 20 in Nigeria or she graduates form university,no matter how young she is,all she starts hearing is marriage.sometimes it even comes frm educated ladies like herself who also think its mandatory to be hitched.a friend of mine opened her mouth to say its compulsory to be married.she herself sounded so desperate.what if its not yet ur time? Do u then kill urself? Wat if d man hasn't come? So she shud commit suicide or cower in d dark bcuz as far as she's not married she's less of a human being? Married is good and sweet,but it doesn't define who a lady doesn't add or take away frm her worth.its reasonings of it being d almighty dat makes girls act like desperados and fall into d wrong hands.we really need 2revamp our thinkn on dis issue and not drive our young ladies into situations dey can't pull themselves out ur life,improve urself,serve God,love urself,love ur family,love ur friends and wen he comes,he comes.u'll be spendin d rest of ur life with him God willing,so y d rush?

  6. Interestingly, my latest contemporary Flirty & Feisty Romance Novel, HUSBAND to RENT has the central theme of my heroine's wealthy parents forcing her to marry. To outsmart her parents, she 'rented' a man and actually 'married' him.

    In Nigeria, the pressure is huge. If you're not married, they say there's no respect, no honour, no grandchildren, no celebration! As a woman, your parents worry about your beauty fading away and time running out for you to bear children.


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