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The Desperate Housewives Series Set For An African Adaptation By EbonyLife TV?

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So, an “African version” of Desperate Housewives – the American comedy/drama series - is currently in development, for a summer 2014 debut. The show is being brought to Nigeria by EbonyLife TV. The new show will feature an African cast of new and established talents and will be filmed in Lagos, Nigeria, at Adiva Estates, a gated development in Lekki. This location has been identified as Africa’s own “Wisteria Lane”

Interesting I say, because I am one of the biggest fans of Desperate Housewives. The original ABC TV series followed the dramatic lives of a group of women, over a 13-year period, and 8 seasons, as seen through the eyes of a dead neighbor who committed suicide in the very first episode.

I'll certainly be looking forward to seeing the actresses, actors and new talent that the Nigerian/African show will throw up.

Since the US premiere of the show, five different versions of “Desperate Housewives” have been produced around the world, Turkish, Argentinean, Colombian/Ecuadorian, U.S. Hispanic, and a Brazilian version.

“We are going to make it relevant, number one, by using local talent — talent that our viewers will know and love; two, we are going to work with local stylists, local fashion designers, local interior designers, making it  wholly immersed in African culture, fashion and music.” said Mo Abudu, CEO and Executive Chairman, EbonyLife TV.

“We are going to give the stories an African flavor. We will localize it, because there’s nothing that the West has that Africa doesn’t have: we love, we fight, we kiss, we make up. We like all the good things in life. There’s good and there’s evil globally... The series spoke universally to women and to men, about relationships, marriage and bringing up children. All those stories are there. And Africans are the original storytellers. Your grandparents would sit you down at night and tell you tales. We love a good story.”

According to the EbonyLife TV press release, the production of the Nigerian version will closely follow the format and storylines of the original US version, but with a uniquely Nigerian flavour.

To ensure the series retains its international appeal but with an African soul, EbonyLife TV will be working with DO.ii designs and Agatha Interiors on furniture design for the Desperate Housewives Africa sets. On dressing of talent, EbonyLife TV will be partnering with stylist Veronica of Vane-Style and major Nigerian designers to include Bridget Awosika, Ella & Gabby, Jewel By Lisa, Kareema Mak, Lanre Da Silva, Meena, Me-Li, Needle Point, Odio Mimonet, Phunkafrique, Toju Foyeh, etcetera.

One question I have is, can you really translate the storylines to African sensibilties? Some of them were quite wacky, even for America - the jails, the mental hospitals, the glamour modelling, online shenanigans, etc, lol.

What do you think of the idea of the show?


  1. Myne, this is interesting. Too many reality TV shows to keep track of. If it's anything like BBA The Chase or whatever then God help us. I'm anticipating this unique Nigerian flavor sha!

    1. I like it because it won't be a reality TV show but scripted. I'm sure they will need writers and all :)

    2. As much as I was a die hard fan of desperate housewives(was so bad everyone knew not to mess with my tv time even my mom) I think we should stop copying the West and make something authentic! Think of it lekki wives,BBA,idols ahh it don do na why can't the West copy us?

  2. It would be interesting if they get really good writers. Lekki wives was really interesting, so i'm looking forward to see what they would do with "desperate housewives"

  3. On the west copying us I think its already happening. Talk about colorful Ankara prints. Also I first watched Maltina family dance all competition at least 5 years ago. A family dance contest was only shown in American TV this year.

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