Thursday, October 31, 2013

One In Six Wives Won’t Let Husband See Them Naked - Is This True?

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Sometimes, I do feel shy undressing in front of Atala, usually after a very tasty Nsala, where I have eaten a bit too much. Seems I'm not alone, in fact I'm a saint. One in six married women has not let their husband see them naked in over a year, according to a poll carried out on 1,902 married women from across the UK, which asked when they last allowed their husband to see them nude.

According to this report, of the 16 per cent claimed they had not undressed in front of their partners during the last 12 months or more;

Almost half said this was because they felt insecure about their appearance, while a third blamed a dip in their sex drive. Around 40 per cent said their relationship had suffered as a result and 36 per cent admitted that their constant attempt to cover up had caused rows.

Sarah Bailey, from online pharmacist which commissioned the poll, said: "Body confidence is a huge element of women's sex life, and it seems a lack thereof is causing problems.

"A relatively high percentage of married women haven't allowed their partner to see them nude in the past 12 months or more."

She added: "Women must remember that even though they may not love their bodies, chances are their partner does - and no relationship is worth sacrificing for a lack of confidence in the looks department."

What do you think, if you're married, what has been your experience?


  1. How come men don't have these hangups about their bodies? Even if they have mosquito legs, they proudly flaunt it under the boxers.

    1. Lol! Your comment really made me laugh out real loud. Lol! You spoke well about men and their disposition to their bodies. Of a truth, body confidence is very vital in a woman's sex life. I'm not married, and by God's grace, I've never been involved in sexual activities as a devote Christian. However, without even being naked, whenever my fiance (who is wedding me in a couple of months by God's great grace) asks me to turn around because he wants to see, I'm too shy to let him see my 'small' back side and hips. It used to make me feel that I'm not beautiful, even when everyone that meets me call me a natural beauty. I'm still trying to imagine how I will go naked before him. I think these things stem from what the media projects to us women as the ideal shape of an attractive woman - the huge figure eight thing. Interestingly, he says that he appreciates my stature, feminine figure and features, while I'm only learning to appreciate myself, even using God's Word as a mirror. My fiance has been very helpful too, with words of affirmation and positive compliments. Every man should be aware that their shy or lack-of-confidence women needs a lot of that - words of affirmation and positive compliments. Most women (of several races) that I've met have a low self-esteem of themselves, courtesy of their view of their feminine features and how they think men see them. We women must stop comparing ourselves to others who we feel are more 'endowed' than we are. Many of them (esp. models) have done lots of surgeries to get those shapes (firm big breasts, big hips, flawless skins, etc). Appreciate God for the naturally endowed ones, and thank God for who He has made you too. As a young woman preparing for marriage and hoping to make it up to my spouse for his waiting years, I have read many married men's blog on how they appreciate their women's body, while the same women are not confident of their bodies at all... if only they can see how beautiful they are to their spouses. Woman, brace up! You are beautiful, and your man (husband o! - not fiance or boyfriend o! ...'cos God's anger is being incited if otherwise o - I told you) appreciate your nakedness, no matter how 'shapeless' you think you are. Your body thrills him, and will satisfy him if you also learn to flirt with your man. I pray that we all realise that we are beautifully made indeed! God's Word cannot lie friends!

  2. Men don't care one bit about how they look. They are not out to impress. They havn't given off a false image of themselves aforehand, so when sex comes, they have nothing to hid.


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