Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Nike Oshinowo Welcomes Her Twin Babies Via a Surrogate Mother

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Nike Oshinowo has always spoken openly about living with endometriosis, which can cause severe pain in women with the condition, and in Nike's case, infertility [Read Here]. Fortunately, technology has given rise to several different ways an infertile woman can have children, both her biological children and otherwise. Nike Oshinowo was able to have her twin babies via a surrogate mother.

Bella Naija reported over the weekend that she "welcomed her twins via a gestational surrogate in the United States of America." This means that "the twins are biologically Nike’s children, though they were birthed by an another woman. There is no confirmation on the identity of the twins’ father as Nike and her husband Dr. Tunde Soleye ended their marriage months ago."

Other celebrities who have shared the fact that they used surrogate mothers to birth their biological children include Jimmy Fallon and his wife, Giuliana & Bill Rancic, Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban, and Sarah Jessica Parker & Matthew Broderick.

Nike's news is awesome, and I'm glad she made it public. I hope that infertile women who can afford it explore their options to have their children rather than be locked under other people's expectations, or revert to illegitimate means.

Congrats to Nike Oshinowo and we look forward to a more formal announcement with pictures!


  1. I think its a great Idea for couples who cannot conceive. I guess it is something Nigerians can look into. Atleast those who are comfortable with doing such, after they had tried everything else. Happy for her.

  2. I am happy for her. I hope Nigerians will be more open to the different ways available. www.secretlilies.com

  3. Congrats to her. God bless her for being open about this.

  4. I was disappointed at the way some blogs reported this, joking about how she bought the sperm etc. I think they could have reported the news, added congratulations and thaz all.
    Congratulations to her. I wish more Nigerian women would be more enlightened about the many methods of assisted reproduction and I pray that it will become readily available and affordable in Nigeria soon.

  5. So happy for any infertile woman who is able to have their dreams happen in this way. God bless.

  6. I congrtulate u nike for this bold step,trust me pple ill say all sorts,that's their business. U cn now be called a mother, surrogate or adopted. Nigerian women shld learn frm this and stop dieing in pain of what pple ill say. An average area boy under d bridge was born by a woman,but today he is a nuisance to d soceity. What matters most is what that child becomes in the future. Thumbs up girl !!!


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