Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Man Cheats on His Wife and Has to Get 10,000 Facebook Likes To Win Her Back

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Ivan Lewis was only married to his wife Sonya Gore for less than a year before he began cheating on her. 10 months into their marriage, the couple separated based on his serial cheating. Back in September, Ivan wrote on Facebook proposing marriage again, saying that he wanted her back. On her agreement that she would take him back if he got more than 10,000 "likes", he posted this picture on Facebook. Below is the timeline of the saga.

First Ivan Lewis pops his second proposal,

Then he posts the picture;

He gets his 10,000 Likes, but is yet to get her back;

Actually, Sonya Gore says she was the author of the note, not Lewis. In fact, she says she was with him at his computer when he posted the admission on his page. According to Newsone,

“I wrote the post out myself,” she said. “Before he posted the post up, he asked me to marry him again on Facebook and I’m like ‘Well, if you want to put that on Facebook then you need to say that you cheated and put that on Facebook.’”
Gore, 40, says she pushed Lewis to post the note to his page because she wanted him to feel the same humiliation she felt as a result of his alleged cheating. 

So what do you think, will she go back to him? If you ask me, this is not the best way to stop this sort of serial cheater from doing it again, I don't think such are even be publicly humiliated. Or maybe Sonya Gore is just embarrassing her husband and still intends to divorce him anyway.


  1. she should divorce him...hes a loser!!!

    1. haba na your husband? Let her decide whether he is a loser or not. A mistake doesn't always mean the end of a marriage, whether done by the wife or husband.


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