Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Chinese Woman Arrested for Slapping Kneeling Boyfriend - Domestic Violence is Never OK

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I finally saw the video of this young woman repeatedly slapping her kneeling boyfriend on the street in Hong Kong went viral yesterday. On Nairaland where I first saw the pictures, some people seemed to be jubilating, and even the title made it seem like it was some girl power kinda stunts. No it is not. Domestic violence is never OK, whether it is a man or a woman dishing it. See video below. Funny enough, it was women who later intervened, none of the men spoke up. I wonder why.

The 20-year-old woman was arrested for assaulting the 23-year-old man as Kowloon City police continue to investigate the matter. The disagreement was sparked when it emerged the boyfriend had bought another woman home (possibly the other woman in the video – a sister, or friend). He denied the accusation in the clip, claiming there was a misunderstanding. He pleads with the other woman to speak up and says “listen to me first before beating me… I told her not to come”.

His partner repeatedly shouts about him ‘failing to treat her as a girlfriend’ whilst passers-by tell the man she “isn’t worth it”, calling for him to break up with her and voicing their disapproval. A female bystander engaged saying “stand up, ditch this ugly girl, you deserve better“, telling the woman that, whatever happened, “doesn’t warrant you slapping your boyfriend in the middle of the street“. No-one intervenes and a security guard can be seen chuckling in the background.

According to the SCMP, a police spokesman said that “…police who arrived at the scene arrested a female, aged 20 and surnamed Cheng, for common assault… A victim, aged 23 and surnamed Chui, was taken to Queen Elizabeth Hospital for treatment.” Source

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  1. Seems to me like they have a BDSM relationship going on.


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