Tuesday, October 22, 2013

[Advice Corner] My Suitor Doesn't Show Up on Google, Should I Let Him Go?

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Maybe some of the readers here have done this in the past. I do it all the time. When I meet a man online or offline, or a friend tells me about a guy that they think we should meet, and we later hook up either in a first date or over the phone, I google him once I have his name and surname.

I want to know more about him and be sure that he's a real person. I use Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and even Twitter to find out everything I can about him. But this new guy I just met doesn't appear anywhere online, even google shows no detail of him. Do you think he's lying to me?

Is it possible that in this day and age a person is not on social media, not even on Linkedin and he lives abroad too. Shouldn't any of his links be coming up, like the school he went to, his address, or something?
Should I bring it up with him? Or just let him go?

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