Thursday, September 26, 2013

Would You Want a Celebrity at Your Wedding - Maybe Usian Bolt or The Governor of Your State?

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Some days ago, while on vacation in Europe, Usain Bolt was stopped by a couple having their wedding. They wanted to have a picture with him, and they did as you can see above. Some days ago as well, last weekend I think, the news came out that the governor of Benue State was on the bridal train of a new couple, he was the best man.

My question is, would you like to take photos with a well known public figure on your wedding day, or have them as part of your train?

Of course, if you know a celebrity or a well known public figure, you can't just not invite them to your celebration, but what if they arrive with the paparazzi in tow?


  1. Hmmm!!! Rochas at my wedding.. if he's going to spray me dollars why not?

  2. No thanks. I'm a private person so I won't want that kind of circus.

  3. Naa. I'll pass - unless it's Ebenezer Obey coming to sing us a classic!


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