Friday, September 20, 2013

Why I Can Never Get Runway Fashion - Weird Designs From London Fashion Week

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Because I could draw when I was much younger, I fancied myself either a fashion designer or an architect. I actually had a look-book at some point but it was more of catalog fashion. When we got cable and I started watching runway fashion shows, I gave up quickly.

These latest designs by various designers who featured models at the London Fashion Week will show you why. What do you think, will you wear any of these outfits? If the outfits look even halfway good, what of the hair, accessories or makeup?


  1. I think most runway collections are not designed as everyday wearable clothing. It is more of an expression of ART from the designers point of view

    1. they have many clients like Lady Gaga.
      What more can I say?

  2. my best pix is No 9 for stupidity ...and perhaps 11 for creativity.

    Kai !

  3. That model with het head poking out of the dish how long is her neck?

  4. I usually wonder and think about the same thing... Art or no art these designers are suppose to shwo us clothings that are wearable by us not some stupid senseless things like we are in mars or jupiter

  5. That woman in white, it's like she's not wearing anything?


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