Wednesday, September 18, 2013

We Take a Mini Vacation - Road Trip From the West to East Across the Cascades

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To say a proper good bye to summer which leaves early around these parts, Tola and I decided to have a short road trip over the weekend to the east of the Cascade Mountains which kind of divides Washington state in half.

Seattle is on the West side and Spokane is on the East so that was where we headed with the plan of finding our way to the Grand Coulee dam which is somewhere in between. The dam is also the largest in the whole of North America. Quite impressive.

Pictures so far, me trying to be artistic :)

Light jeans and my Sade T-shirt, feeling like a baus, thanks Sting :)

Mount Rainier in the background

We got outriders. Twice. Two different sets of two bikers :)

Out and about Spokane

With the Music Greats


The Irony, the irony :)

We try to keep active

A small dam in Spokane

Grand Coulee Dam

Don't know why I stood at such attention, lol...


  1. The last two pics are breath-taking.

    Ayam officially jealous!

  2. The last comment about you standing at such attention made me chuckle.
    Fun fun fun!

  3. LOL... thank you Neena and Missy Tee :)

  4. Cool pictures, nice.

  5. like your whitish top...suits you to a tee

  6. Your's all grown and you are definitely looking chic.

  7. Chineke, please bless my hustle so I can be like u and Atala when i grow up! Ndi enjoyment, chai!

  8. I like all!!!.. really nice!!..You both look so fresh and smooth!!

  9. Looks like you really enjoyed your selves. The scenery was gorgeous.

  10. Myne Myne! you're glowing ahn ahn. Abeg you're not allowed to look this sweet joh, i'm jealous :P

  11. Lovely city, lovely couple :)
    I've missed your out n about pics!


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