Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Uche Jombo Rodriguez Covers Red Sheet Magazine - Says Husband is Not White

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Uche Jombo married Puerto Rican Kenny Rodriguez in May 2012 in his home country [see pictures] and it seems people insist he is White. While to many Nigerians, not black means white, Kenny lives and works in the United States where Puerto Ricans are mostly known as Latinos, and may be of Mexican or Spanish origins, which in America is not white. So Uche is right. Lovely cover too :)


  1. IDK who Uche Jombo's husband is so i can't say one way or the other but White and Latino are not mutually exclusive because Latino si a ethnicity, not a race. There are White latinos, Black latino, Mixed latinos, etc. Idk if Native Americans from spanish-speaking countries count themselves as hispanic but if so...then you can be Native American and hispanic as well. Its all a big game of semantics but still...

  2. whats up with her hair tho, I can see the weft of the weave much for professionalism

  3. She looks glowing. Is she pregnant?

    1. Glowing ke?

      Air brush/photoshop

      Wanna know if she's glowing? Visit unannounced!


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