Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Top 10 Tips For Honeymoon Travel

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By Lisa Pattrick

Everybody expects a good and memorable honeymoon after tying the knot. It’s just part of the wedding plan. It would be incomplete to plan a wedding without a honeymoon. The honeymoon should be the most memorable first night for both of you after exchanging “I do’s”. It’s best to plan it somewhere and recall it as your marriage years pass by. There are a lot of preferences in planning honeymoons, but most prefer travelling. This exciting idea allows both of you to explore other places while making memories.

For those who are on their way to that exciting stage of their life, here are some tips to have that memorable honeymoon travel. First consider the little things below in planning your honeymoon travel.

1. Know when to plan your honeymoon
Plan it ahead. Travelling on your honeymoon requires careful but stress-free research. It’s good to plan ahead of time.

2. Plan your dream places
Sit down with your partner and talk about your dream places you wanted to visit ever since.

3. Type of Honeymoon
Do you like nature, extreme places, tourism, shopping, entertainment, solemn, etc.? Think of the type of travel and memories you both want to have for your special honeymoon.

4. Know your budget
How much are you willing to spend on your honeymoon travel? It may also depend on the type of travel you are planning.

5. Check for special offers
Most hotels or resort offers special promotion especially if you tell them your purpose for staying is for honeymoon vacation.

6. Set the time and date of your availability
If both of you have worked, make sure to plan a vacation leave on those days to avoid being disturbed by your work responsibilities. It’s your special day, time to set aside your work responsibilities and just enjoy your moment as partners. Don’t forget to plan on how long you will be enjoying your trip.

7. Itinerary check
Once you choose your dream place, make sure you research your way around that place to avoid getting lost and turn your romantic honeymoon to disaster.

8. Pay ahead
If you are staying in a resort or hotel, it’s best to pay ahead to ensure the place you will be staying when you arrive to your honeymoon place.

9. Check the requirements in going to that place
Some places need a Visa or vaccinations when you visit them. Make sure to inquire or do your own research.

10. To or not to go
Whether you do or do not have insurance, you have to make your honeymoon happen. It’s your first night or weeks as partner, you have to make the most out of it and no one should stop the both of you from having the time of your life.

After you have planned everything above, here are some top 3 places that we would recommend to help you plan your honeymoon travel.

Fairmont Orchid

Located on the Kohala West Coast on The Big Island in Hawaii. If you like stress free and romantic beach trip, this place offers outdoor Waterfall Massage.

City of London

Enjoy the romantic city with European charms and breathtaking sites. Make sure to have the Transport For London Number ready in case you would be needing help with one of their travel advisers.

New Zealand

The land of Long White Cloud offers you romance with their peaceful environment. It would be a different yet romantic experience for both of you.

There are a lot of ways and places to go on your honeymoon. The important thing is you both enjoy your time together as newlywed couple and partners for life. By the time you reach your silver or golden years together you’ll look back to the time when you started your marriage life with a memorable romantic honeymoon getaway you once had.


  1. Great tips, but I'm not planning a honeymoon or even wedding hahaha...

  2. Nice post, thanks.


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