Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Sexiest Parts of the Body Now Revealed by Scientists - The Feet is Least Favorite

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The mind, or the brain, is the biggest erogenous zone. I heard this sometime ago, and found it to be true for me. Some scientists, not satisfied with songs or lines in books, decided to research this saying in detail, in particular, how does the brain organise erogenous zones?

These neuro scientists from two British universities and one in South Africa, wanted to know, "Why is a nuzzled neck sexy when few would be turned on by a nuzzled nose? And why do men seem to have fewer erogenous zones than women?"

So they asked 800 people, mostly from Britain and sub-Saharan Africa, to rate about 40 body parts between 1 - 10 on which gave them the most pleasure when touched. Not when they looked at it, but when touched.

According to the Guardian UK, some of the results were as follows;

Three quarters gave their feet the lowest, zero rating – alongside knee caps – which might disappoint those who have invested time and energy in developing their foot massage or toe-sucking techniques.

The fact that people consistently placed feet so low on their rankings of sensitive areas seems to completely undermine previous explanations for the distribution of our erogenous zones, which have suggested that the sensors in our brain that deal with the feet were right next to the sensors in charge of our genitalia.

Another surprise was the consistency of responses. "A lot of people assume that women's bodies are just full of erogenous zones and that men have only one, the obvious one," said Professor Oliver Turnbull of Bangor University's School of Psychology, who led the study and worked alongside scientists from the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg.

"But this is clearly not the case," said Turnbull. "It's pretty equal, with just perhaps a modest advantage to women – but certainly nothing like the way the sex differences have been so hugely exaggerated."

The scientists were also surprised to see that there were "remarkable levels of correlation" between the ratings for all the people who responded, no matter their age, gender, sexual orientation, nationality or race. Men and women listed the 41 body parts they were asked to rate in remarkably similar order. The obvious bits of genitalia were at the top of the rankings, as were lips, ears and inner thighs, followed closely by shoulder blades.

There were a few major differences between the sexes – the back of the leg was barely acknowledged by women, for instance, while men rated it as important as their ears. Hands were also more erotic for men than for women, researchers found.

"We have discovered from this that we all share the same erogenous zones in at least two very different continents, whether we are a white, middle-aged, middle-class woman sitting in a London office or a gay man living in a village in Africa. It suggests it is hardwired, built in, not based on cultural or life experience," said Turnbull.

The Daily Mail broke the results down even further as shown in the picture above, do you agree?


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  2. wow love this.. taking it to my blog lol

  3. I actually love my feet being touched. LOL..

  4. Same as me, touching my feet is probably my biggest turn on.

  5. Same as me, touching my feet is probably my biggest turn on.


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