Thursday, September 26, 2013

Stephanie Smith is Making 300 Sandwiches For Love And an Engagement Ring, Would You?

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I saw this story over on Sisi Yemmie's blog and it was so captivating, I had to go check out the lady, Stephanie Smith and her blog. Stephanie started a food [sandwiches mostly] blog based on the fact that her boyfriend loves her sandwiches and had one day mentioned that he would propose after he eats 300 of her sandwiches. What I like is her sense of fun in taking on the project and from her bio below it's clear she knows that the relationship may not end in marriage.

One day, I made E a turkey and swiss sandwich on toasted wheat bread. E got so excited, he ate the entire meal without coming up for air. Then he made the declaration, “honey, you’re three hundred sandwiches away from an engagement ring.”

I had no idea a sandwich could be so transformative. In turn, I hit the kitchen.

300 Sandwiches tracks the journey between two people in love as they share experiences and emotions through food. The blog chronicles our adventures, arguments, holidays, special times and average days over the course of 300 sandwiches.

I will learn how to cook amazing food, we will learn more about each other, and hopefully my boyfriend will make good on his promise.

Even if he doesn’t, the journey will be tasty enough for me. And I hope for you, too.

The blog has been getting loads of PR because Stephanie is a writer herself for one of the top New York magazines. Some of those who've featured her love her and her blog idea, others are not so flattering.

I'm a fan because I believe in doing what you like doing, and doing it well. Stephanie describes herself as a foodie, and even though her boyfriend is the one who does most of the cooking in the relationship, he loves her sandwiches and is only full of praises for it. I wish them luck in love and the best for blog.

Would you take such a challenge from your boyfriend with the fun intended or is that the end of the relationship?


  1. Okay congrats to them! She's beautiful and happy! Two terrific combos>>>

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  2. As long as it works for them and it obviously is. Wish her luck.

  3. Well as long as she's aware it might not last. Because had she been doing this with strong mind and the man no give her ring kasala go bust. Lol.

  4. I think they will end up together - and even if they don't, it wouldn't be because she failed to make 300 sandwiches!
    I would do something like that ...maybe I've done already. he he he he

    Love has no tags, no labels, no reasons, no explanations. It's just what it is. Love.


  5. I like you already. And the last part of your comment. Yes.

  6. If it works for her no problem..but if my boyfriend makes that kind of statement,I'd love to think its a joke.who cooks just cuz u want to get a ring.I'll issue mine too,wen he gets me a shoe,I'll tell him he's 300 shoes away from getting me to say yes to his proposal.hehe..


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