Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Photo Of A Woman Pointing A Gun At A Child's Head Sparks Debate on Gun Violence

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This Facebook photo showing a young girl pointing a gun at the face of a young child have sparked fresh debates on gun violence. After the Newton incident in which several small children were killed with guns, and as I prepare to be a parent myself, I have begun thinking of how to raise kids in a way that leaves them well rounded and healthy emotionally, knowing to avoid what is wrong, and the ways to treat others right. One of the topics that have come up is allowing children to play with toy guns.

I want to believe that is a toy gun the girl in the picture is holding. Some comments suggest she is the mother of the child, and that is a real gun. She looks too young in my opinion to be the mother, more like a young sibling. Still, questions have been raised that even if the gun is a toy gun, is it OK to be pointing it so closely to the toddler?

What do you think, is it irresponsible for parents or carers of children to allow them play with guns? This is bearing in mind the news that seems to come up almost weekly of children either shooting themselves or their siblings with real guns, and sometimes their parents or other adults. Unfortunately some of the shootings result in deaths.

Let's discuss.


  1. Funny, some expats at my office were debating this same issue some days ago. It's not such a big deal here but I can see how it will be in a place like America where real guns get into kid's hands more easily. As for the photo, I also think it's just two kids playing.

  2. Can we allow children be children? Most of us played with toy guns and we're OK. Is it because these people put their own picture on social media?

  3. Even if they are playing, does that photo look right to you? Pointing a gun at someones head whether fake gun or real gun, play or no just aint right. Growing up ignorant of the ills of gun handling, it was alright but please let us educate our Children on the dangers of handling a gun especially in this society where it is easily accessible.

    I just read this morning of an 18yrs old girl who got killed by a family friend accidentally while trying to play a prank on him. That gun was easily accessible and he shot her thinking she was an intruder in the house.



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