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Pastor Lazarus Muoka of Lord's Chosen Church - Another Man of God That Needs Investigation?

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I just came across the confession of Juliet Ezeonye Idu, who was once a catcher, as she calls it, or evangelizer for of Pastor Lazarus Muoka, the General Overseer of the Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Renewal Mission. She accuses him of using threats and false promises to hoodwink desperate members of his church into parting with their life savings, of staging miracles, and of using her and others to fight his detractors in the press.

When she left the church after a misunderstanding in which her shop was allegedly destroyed by Pastor Mouka,he sued her in several instances to court. It seems the case has been on since 2010, does anyone know how far this matter has gone now?

I joined Lord’s Chosen wealthy, left it poor – Juliet Ezeonye {Sun Newspaper}

“I was a successful businesswoman and leader at Berger Motors and also a politician based in Abuja before I gave my life to Christ. As a routine, I always came to Lagos from Abuja to spend weekends with my family. Sometime in 2004, during one of my visits, I noticed a huge crowd rushing into the church at the Ijesha bus stop. I asked and a member of the church told me that it is a powerful church where miracles happen daily. I decided to suspend my journey to go in there to see things for my self.

“After service, I started hearing voices telling me that I should repent or die. I was scared so I made up my mind to join the church. I became born again and decided to worship God according to the teaching of the pastor.” Before then I had two cars and eight shops in Lagos. When I joined the church, due to the pastor’s preaching on the benefits of giving I gave out most of the things that I had to the church to make heaven. Those earthly things that the church preached against, which included female trousers and jewelries were set on fire. I was convinced that I was committing sin by wearing them, so I destroyed them. I was the founder of Chosen Mopol that is why I am popularly known as Chosen Mopol among the members. I was also the one who started wearing the lemon colour apron that has made millions for the church.”

Trouble at home
Determined to make heaven, Juliet never discovered that her commitment in church had started having negative effect on her family. Annoyingly, when her husband tried to call her to order she simply asked him to leave her alone to serve Jesus.

“My husband accused me of being dirty and unkempt, because I stayed in the church from Monday to Sunday. I no longer had time to cook for my family. I obeyed the pastor’s teaching that I completely neglected my duties as a wife and mother. It got to a point that my husband asked me to choose between him and the church. I told him that I am for God. When he realized that I was not moved by his threat, he divorced me. He argued that I was no longer presentable the way I was when we met. I bluffed him that in heaven there is no marriage.”

Juliet claims that she did not hesitate to inform the pastor of the development in her home and was advised her to stick to her belief. “Everybody was against my belief including my immediate family but I was determined to stick to it. I had no choice but to relocate to the church which I turned to my home. Life became difficult, as there was no help coming from the church. With the aid of a concerned individual I was able to set up a petty grocery shop within the church premises. Through that I fed myself. One day I returned from a church service only to discover that my shop has been destroyed. Members of the church who witnessed the demolition told me that it was people from Alausa that did it.”

Surprisingly, soon after Juliet said she found that demolition was at the instance of the General Overseer, Muoka, on the claim that the shop had become a distraction to her devotion to the church work. “It was at Alausa that I was shown a letter from the GO, Muoka, authorizing them to destroy my stall. Embittered I confronted the pastor who told me that he asked them to demolish my stall because I was no longer committed to the work of God. I asked him to advise me on what to do since I needed to survive to do the work of God. His reply was that I should not worry that God would bless and provide for me. The church was not paying me and that was my only source of living. I was frustrated and told anyone who cared to listen the agony I have been facing and solicited their assistance.

Solution came when a member of the Anglican Church who had bought my CD decided to give me a space in front of her compound, which is also in the estate.“When they discovered what I did, hell was let loose and they kept sending people to me to warn me to close down the shop. At a point I was summoned to a meeting where the Pastor referred me to the Bible where God used Satan to remove everything that Job had. He warned me that God could also use him to do the same to me. I refused to heed their warning and still continued in the church.”

Unable to cope with the pressure from Pastor Muoka, and incessant threat to her life by people she could not identify, but belief should be members of the church, Juliet decided to leave the church and joined a Catholic Church. “I specifically chose the church because one of our members got assistance there when all efforts to get assistance from the Lord’s Chosen failed. When I took that decision, I became an outcast in the church, members especially pastors started keeping malice with me.”

On Sunday November 21, 2010 some touts were sent to stand in front of my shop and ward off anyone who came to buy anything from me by telling them that I am now a Catholic. When they noticed that all their attempts failed, they tried to carry my loud speaker but I resisted them. They left and in the next 20 minutes, two truckloads of security men arrived.

“They insisted that I should go with them but I refused demanding for a warrant of arrest. I told them that I also knew their boss and would confirm before I go with them. It was at that point that they left. I rushed to the nearest police station to inform them of what happened at my shop. I am now an outcast simply because I decided to join another church. I know that members have been brainwashed against me and I don’t care all I want is my safety. Several church leaders have come to tell me that my decision to leave the church would lead to my untimely death as no popular member has left and suffered a pleasant fate. They know that I am saying the truth; I cannot lie against them because I know God will not forgive me. I am only begging them to leave me alone so that I can start my life all over again.”

How Lord Chosen Charismatic Pastor Lazarus Muoka Is Defrauding His Followers With Fake Miracles - [Global News]

People are saying that you are speaking against a man of God?

What makes someone a man of God? A man of God is someone who is doing God’s will. Someone who is trustworthy and reliable, according to Matthew 7:5, you have to remove the dirt in your eyes before you will start thinking of removing the one in your brother’s eyes. You have to repent from your sins before you start thinking of converting another person, Muoka will climb the altar and list the things people should not do, but he does evil things behind close doors. Before now, he was using me to fight against other members who were fed up with his atrocities and evil deeds. For instance, when he was fighting with Everest Ofuegbu, he gave me money to write against him which I did, I returned to the church and he was asking me why I did not write that Ofuegbu was an armed robber, kidnapper and killer? He fought me in his office because of this issue. I called him, pastor, how can I write a false story against an innocent man. My conscience started disturbing me over the false story that I wrote against Ofuegbu, but he didn’t care about that, all that mattered to him was that I didn’t accuse Ofuegbu wrongly. What manner of a man of God can engage in such things? If Muoka is a man of God, what provision does he have for the poor, widows, needy and helpless? I was one of his “catchers” who he uses to teach mugus. I call them mugus because Muoka is a businessman and he uses these people and dumps them. Then, he will send us to tell people during crusade rally that there is feeding, housing, transport, all your sicknesses will go and all kinds of basic needs are available in Lord’sChosen. On their way coming, there will be different kinds of auto crashes and many will die. When the lucky ones finally come to the church for the Lord’s abundance, they will work away worse. That is because between Saturday & Sunday, Lazarus Muoka will brainwash them and they will sow seed with everything that they have and become stranded. Many will sow N1 million, others N500,000 till you see people who will give out their transport money because they have been told that if you sow your valuables, close your account, drop the last money in your pocket, God will bless you. Towards the evening time, he will send his pastors to start flogging this helpless people and throw them out from the church premises. On Monday morning after Saturday and Sunday, Muoka and Pastor Leo, the former Chief Security Officer, will start chasing people away from the compound. I was present one Monday morning when a man on the wheel chair was abandoned, Muoka and Pastor Leo were doing their normal routine of chasing people away, and he asked Leo, “are you that man on the wheel chair?” I saw it and know everything because I was an insider. So, he told Leo, ‘Don’t you know that if people see this man on the wheel chair, they will say what we are preaching and practicing here is not true, please go and tell that man to leave or flog him. ‘Do you know that long cane? That is what they use to force helpless and stranded Nigerians out of Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Renewal Mission. Poor people are thrashed and forced out of the church, is that the way a man of God should behave? He took me to the PRO, Human, State CID, alleging that I want to kidnap him, he finally took me to court, is that the way a man of God should behave?

Don’t you think that people will not believe that a man of God dragged a church member to court, simply because she left the church?

If they doubt me, they should visit D2 at Panti, they will see the kind of petition Pastor Lazarus Muoka wrote against me, that I, Pastor Leo and Pastor Innocent attempted kidnapping him. Why is he lying, because we left his church? He is charging us for kidnapping and murder, because we said no to all the atrocities going on in the church. According to him, he escaped and we scattered his church on Easter day, why will a man of God engage in such grievous lies against another person? Ask his church members if anything happened there on Easter day. There are different petition written against me by Muoka in these places that I mentioned, anybody can go there and verify. Is a man of God supposed to go to the police station? He said that God sent him to win 10 billion souls, me, my husband, children, all these policemen he is dragging in church, are they not among the 10 billion souls? Lord’s chosen parade the poorest pastors in Nigeria, because they sow everything they have to Muoka, many sell their cars and houses and bring the money to Muoka, and he makes no provision for them, so, why won’t they be poor?

There is this belief that people are not forced to sow seed and that for you to have sow everything you have was a matter of choice

It is a big lie, I didn’t decide to do it, because nobody will render himself poor and useless. I owned cars, was feeding well, I was a politician and people knew me as Operation Sweep. I was working with top personalities atAbuja, a woman leader in Berger Motors, why didn’t I talk against these people? I have worked with many people and I have never spoken badly about anybody, the truth is that Muoka is a devil, deceiver and anti-Christ. People are dying in his church, so Nigerians should open their eyes and learn lessons from others like me.

So, what makes people to sow seed with everything that they have?

Brainwash, I call it brainwash because it is between Muoka and his God, he knows what he uses. ‘Heaven At Last, Your Treasure is in Heaven and you must sow everything that you have in this world’ to his church members to stop helping people, rather, they should bring all the money to his church. After all, his long stories, in fact, he knows what he does to people, and they will sow everything they have to his church and become stranded. He has taught people to stop being kind, and focus their attention on him. His pastors have thrashed people with cane to the point that petty traders around the area are calling them names, and feel that Muoka does not know about their predicaments, but the truth is that Muoka is sending his pastors to flog people and chase them away. He is using people to deal with individuals who are stranded in his church and make them feel that he is not aware of their predicaments. He told us not to gather treasure on this earth, but he is interested in buying houses, cars, properties around the world. He told us to sow seed to enable him build a big branch at Abuja, we did that and Muoka erected an estate at Abuja, which he sells and makes money from, while the people who sow these seeds are dying in penury. If you see the appearance of a Lord’sChosenevangelist, you will know that they are very hungry. I leftChosenafter loosing everything that I have, and today, I cannot afford my child’s school fees, I went to withdraw my son from private school to a public school because I don’t have anything again. This is after using my picture to sell signs and wonders for 5 years.

How did he do that?

He told me to dress like a mad woman, testify that I was mad, but have received healing in Lord’sChosen. He published this testimony in Signs and Wonders and sold it for 5 years, but I have never been mad before in my life. That is the type of miracles that Muoka performs. He brainwashed me and told me to appear like a mad woman, then my photographs were taken and my fake and false testimonies were published in his magazine. Muoka would gather his dedicated church members, tell them to give false testimonies to deceive others to still come and sow everything that they have.

What type of arrangement do you have with him that led you to do that kind of thing?

What kind of arrangement is that? He will give false promise of buying houses, cars and other properties for you, and after, he will dump you. He is a use and dump man. Compare his appearance with that of his pastors and you can’t imagine what you will see. His pastors buy their suits from Aswani market. Many of them cannot pay their bills, children’s school fees and house rents. He put me in the paper to tell people that I was once mad, and I have received healing in Lord’sChosen. Let him bring out all the people he claimed to heal of HIV and AIDS. His miracles are the more you look, the less you see, they are not real. Many sick people come to Muoka, but he cannot give them money to go to the hospital or allow them to use his hospital because they cannot afford his hospital’s bill. His hospital is very expensive, and this is the person who told us not to go to the hospital. He is dragging pure water, “Mama Put” business and minerals with poor people inside his church compound. Instead of him to give sick people who come to him for rescue, money for treatment, he will wave his hand on their faces in the name of healing and such people die immediately they leave the church premises. The only contribution that Muoka has in this country is to collect money from people and frustrate them.

Does it mean that all the miracles he airs on television are fake miracles?

That is what I am saying, they are all arranged. All the testimonies are from his members who have been brainwashed with false promises of everything on the earth. I was once one of them, if Muoka is a man of God who performs miracles, why is he not broadcasting seed sowing? Why is he not broadcasting the scenes where he is asking his congregation, who sow N5 million, N4 million, N3 million, N2 million, N1 million to N500,000? From giving millions to N200, and the whole church will stand and sow seed with their transportation money. People should forget those miracles; they are the more you look, the less you see. If you are sick, have faith in Christ, look for money and see a doctor at the hospital. If Muoka is a miracle worker, why did his wife do a fibroid operation? The Head of Evangelism has a fractured hand; one of the hands is shorter than one, why hasn’t he straightened his hand? The Head of Disciplinary Committee has a fractured leg for many years, why hasn’t Muoka healed him? His wife’s brother has been mad for many years, why has he not received healing from Muoka as a miracle worker? The Head of Foreign Mission had a broken leg in a ghastly accident while on Lord’sChosen’s assignment, Muoka has not healed him. Head of his Administration joined Lord’s Chosen in his quest for fruit of the womb, but his wife has not become pregnant till today, I spent 7 years in Lord’sChosenand turned a barren woman, if not for my first son whom I had given birth to before joining the church. I left Lord’s Chosen and became pregnant and delivered a baby girl. Head of Building committee has glaucoma, Muoka has not given him a good sight, rather he come to the hospital beside my house. Pastors’ daughters are sleeping around, getting pregnant and having illegitimate children from his drivers. Muoka knows all these things, but he is covering such grievous sins because they are partners in crime and business. If Muoka is a miracle worker, what stops him from healing his workers first before going outside? How will someone who has not healed himself heal others? Nigerians should shine their eyes, because the only way to receive miracle is through God’s will.

You mentioned that children usually disappear in Lord’sChosencrusade grounds, is it true?

Children are not the only victims, adults disappear also. Men do loose their wives in crusade nights. There is a woman who came all the way fromAnambraStatewith her son, he disappeared in crusade. Her husband learnt of it, and insisted that she should not return home without the boy. She has been selling pure water outside there and sleeping at open places for the past one year. People are frustrated and stranded; all the traders lining up fromIjesha Roadto this compound are people who get stranded after sowing seed with everything in their pocket, including their transport money. To raise their transportation money back to East, South or North where they came from, they will sell oranges, pure water, and peanuts and even plait people’s hair. For instance, I’m now a petty trader? When I joined the church years back I was working with politicians then and it is because he conned me into giving all I have that is the reason I’m now into petty trading. Today, I am so frustrated that I do petty trading to feed. I have a gospel album, but there is no money to promote it and other things, and it was the same album that Muoka banned. I don’t have money to eat, because a fellow human being brainwashed me and collected everything that I have on this earth. Muoka is not a man of God, because a man of God does not go to the Police Station, if you doubt me, then I will give the date you will appear in court with us.

Does the pastor know about the disappearance of the boy and what did he do?

I don’t know if he knows about it, because it is hard to have an appointment with him, so, the woman is writing letters through his pastors for her to see him, but I don’t know if she has succeeded. Poor people don’t see him, except the rich.

So how does his pastors give account of people who disappear, how do they explain such situation?

They know how all these people disappear, are they not the same as Muoka? Don’t they know what is happening in church? They are not doing anything that is why the woman spent over one year in this open place. Women get lost in the crusade and nobody will see them again, I wish that others who have left Lord’s Chosen will come out to confirm what I am saying. They are deceiving themselves and believing that Muoka is unaware of these things and accuse the pastors of being responsible. Who are they working for, are they not working for Muoka? He said that God chose him to changeNigeria, let him start with his members first.

You equally mentioned that accidents frequently occur when people are coming for crusades. Is it true?

FromLagosstate to Abia state and most times Asaba, Delta state has experienced serious auto accidents where church members who are coming to crusade lost their lives. The one that happened atAbujawas a fatal accident, where the head of the driver was cut into two. Instead of discussing how to rescue the driver’s life, Muoka and his pastors were busy talking about their damaged vehicle. They told the man to go to the police station and report himself, because he spoilt their car. People are dying in their numbers, Federal Government need to investigate this church and know what is going on inside. Look at all theChosenmembers, you will discover that their shoes are torn and clothes worn out. Compare my appearance when I was there and now that I am no longer there, people will judge by themselves. Muoka has a house inLondon, U.S,South Africaand millions in foreign banks.

Don’t you think that it will be very difficult to believe that he will just talk to people and they will sow seed with everything they have and give false testimonies?

If Muoka said that he is a genuine man of God, let him bring out his wedding films, air it on Silverbird, AIT and NTA, so that Nigerians will know where he is coming from. After watching his wedding films, people will tell us Muoka is a man of God or an occultist. His members should watch it and compare it with all his preaching, then we will know what happens in the Lord’sChosen. President Goodluck Jonathan should tell Muoka to release his wedding film, let us know if people will still attend his church. We were around, and we watched the film. He told us that village meeting is a sin and that his members should not go to village meetings, but he went to Ihiala Hall, where Ihiala people worship their masquerade, situated beside a Lord’s Chosen church, why didn’t he enter inside the church and do the wedding since he wanted to do it in that village? Instead he chose an occultist arena because he knew what he wanted to do and gain. Who performed Muoka’s wedding ceremony? Is it Kumuyi, Adeboye or his pastors? He needs to bring out his wedding film, let the whole Nigerians watch it and then everybody will know the hidden things. I want people who are calling him a man of God to see the film, and know if he is practicing what he is preaching. I am saying all these things because of the people who are still in his bondage.

Does it mean that he preaches what he does not practice?

He instructed us to stop buying banned goods and illegal business, but he buys auction goods. All his generators are from auction, such properties like cars and buses were seized from people and later auctioned, and we all know what that means that Pastor Muoka finds delight in buying them. We went for crusade inCotonou, pastor told everybody not to buy rice, but I went inside the market and discovered a Lord’sChosenbus fully loaded with bags of rice. I raised an alarm and they said that the same Muoka who told us not to buy rice, sent them and because of my reaction, they sent one bag to my shop. Policemen should start searching Lord’sChosenbuses, I am saying this as an insider and I know what is going on there. They should search their buses, especially when they are traveling outside the country because there are many things going underground. They carry T-shirts, Apron and handkerchiefs toGhanaandCotonou, is that not smuggling? They are deceiving people.


  1. Why is no one commenting on this one, if it is sex now, everyone will be all over it.

  2. Spiritual Yahoo Yahoo!!

    Her stories are disjointed but she does sound like she has had a hard time with the Chosen. Too many events. I can imagine the warrior she must have been as a Chosen member.

    Spiritual abuse is just so rampant.

  3. Na God go judge am. i never believed his teachings

  4. She was rich yet conned into dressing like a mad woman for money. She gave her life to Christ, believed all the teachings, yet did such arrangee. Her claims doesn't add up. Just a mere case of deal gone bad.

  5. It baffle me when I see people believing anything. without using they common sense.

  6. Very fetish man.

  7. I am not surprised a bit. There was something about Mouka that repels my spirit. God will have a difficult time
    on Judgement day.

  8. *sigh* stories like this give me heartache, the heart of man is truly wicked

  9. hmmm,life is so full of surprises,even the bible made us understand,that a lot of false prophet will rise on the end time,that many will lie in Gods name,performing great miracles,that we should watch and pray always...well thats why i dont go to all these new generation churches,ANGLICAN i am and ANGLICAN will i be forever...may God help us all.

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